Creative 3.0 Reset - Friday 9th October (3pm MST)

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    Its not very often this time comes around. Being last reset in 2017, our Creative server on MCCentral has remained practically untouched since then. Many things have changed in the Minecraft building community over the past 3 years, and we feel it is time to update our Creative server to adopt many of these new features, bringing it up to standard for a 2020 Creative Server!

    Reset Information:
    This coming Friday (9th October) we will be resetting our Creative server in order to add many newly needed features. We understand that Creative gets reset at a very low rate, so we want to make the transition as smooth as possible. For those wanting to bring their builds over to the new season, we have added the command '/plot download' ingame, allowing for players to save their builds, and being able to import them once the reset has gone live.

    Upcoming Changes:
    Our Creative reset will be bringing forward many new features, bringing the server up to par with what is expected from a Creative server nowdays. This will include: Larger plots (roughly 109x109), many more building tools (goBrush, goPaint, Voxel Sniper, Head Database, Banner Creator, Armor Stand Creator). Many more features and fixes will also be added (such as the ability to sit down for all of those roleplaying enthusiasts). For a full list of changes, please refer to our latest changelog Here.

    Plot Download:
    Another one of the awesome features which will be added next season of Creative will be our schematic center. This will allow players to download and upload their own schematics to our Creative server. To access the Creative schematic center, click Here. With that being said, we have implemented a command (which is currently live on Creative) '/plot download'. This will allow for players to download their current Creative plots, and import them once the new season goes live. Hope you all Enjoy!

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