3rd October 2020 - Creative 3.0 Changelog

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    Creative Season 3.0
    Creative is scheduled to be undergoing a reset this upcoming Friday (9th October, 3pm MST). We are posting this changelog early so that players are able to prepare and download their current plots (/plot download). Players will be able to import their builds onto the new Creative reset once it has gone live. The main motive for resetting the plots is so that we are able to increase the plot sizes!

    Upcoming Changes / Fixes / Features
    - All players will be able to spawn in their own head by typing '/skull'
    - Players who are in vanish will no longer be able to throw splash potions or projectiles
    - Players whom have access to WorldEdit will now be able to use the 'brush blob' command
    - Maximum brush size radius has been increased from 5 blocks to 35 blocks
    - Players whom have access to WorldEdit will now be able to use '//download' to download their schematics
    - New and more updated methods have been put in place to prevent some of the wacky items that get passed around
    - List of blocks which are unable to be WorldEdit has been updated (you can now WorldEdit things such as sand)
    - All of our backend plugins have been updated to their latest versions (Fixing many small quirks in them)
    - Skull limit of 200 per plot has now been added (Prevents some over the top laggy plots)
    - Fixed a bug where invisible staff members would appear in the '/list' command
    - Plots have been drastically increased in size (they are now 4x as big, 109 x 109)
    - Redstone limitations have now been removed (We now used increased performance redstone algorithm)
    - View distance has been increased drastically (8 chunks)
    - Block physics have now been disabled (this allows for some awesome building techniques)
    - Armor stands are now able to be placed on plots
    - Rookies are now able to access all of the 'Building Tools' for 24 hours simply by voting.
    - Schematic center has been added, allowing to import and export schematics (https://mccentral.org/schematics)
    - Upon disguising, you will now receive an action bar at the bottom of your screen saying what you are disguised as
    - Players are now able to right click on stairs in order to sit down on them
    - Fixed a bug where players were unable to place 1.12 blocks against their plot borders
    - Players are now able to use [item] to display the item in hand in chat
    - Players are now able to disable their fly by using /fly
    - Players are now able to spawn items in directly by using /item
    - Players are now able to delete their plots by using /plot delete
    - Players are now able to download their plots by using /plot download
    - Players are now able to set a plot alias / name
    - Loads of new 'Building Tools' have been added (Read down below for more information)

    New Building Tools:
    Of course one of the main aspects of Creative is building! Many things have changed in the Minecraft building community since our last Creative reset 3 years ago. This reset, we are bringing forward many of the new modern-day tools used by a lot of builders. All of these are listed below:

    - New builder tool added: goPaint
    - New builder tool added: goBrush
    - New builder tool added: Voxel Sniper
    - New builder tool added: Banner Creator (Create your own banners with ease)
    - New builder tool added: Head Database (Spawn in decorative skulls)
    - New builder tool added: Armor Stand Tools (Create custom armor stands)

    Bedrock rank and Higher currently will receive permanent access to all of the above building tools. Rookies are able to gain easy access to the tools simply by voting for the server (this will grant 24 hour access).

    Schematic Center
    One of the new features coming with the Creative reset is the schematic center. This can be accessed via our webserver at https://mccentral.org/schematics. This will allow players to both upload and download their schematics directly between the Creative server and their PC. This will allow players to confidently save their builds themselves (or build on MCC and download their builds for their own private use)
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