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    Monthly Top Voters:
    Another month has now come to an end, meaning another month of Top Voters! Firstly, a big thank you to everyone that voted for our server this month, it is our main source of promotion for the server, and really does help! In typical fashion, we will be rewarding the top 5 voters of the month with a $25 Buycraft Coupon to be used on our webstore. All 5 winners are listed below.

    1st[​IMG]Greguhlicious124 Votes
    2nd[​IMG]Polarbearblu124 Votes
    3rd[​IMG]livemac2013124 Votes
    4th[​IMG]xlim_124 Votes
    5th[​IMG]Itsmedady124 Votes

    How do I receive my coupon?
    All Buycraft coupons will be sent via a direct message on this website. If you are one of the winners, please ensure your website username is the same as your Minecraft username, so we are able to find you! Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the coupon codes (Do note that the coupon codes are not sent out the exact same time this message is posted)!

    Upcoming Month:
    All of the monthly votes have now been reset, so start voting now for your chance to be a winner for next months Buycraft coupons! To vote for the server (and to view the current monthly top voters list) visit the following page Here. If multiple players obtain maximum amount of votes for the month, the winners are selected at random. Good Luck to everyone participating!

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