Skyblock 18.0 Reset - Friday 12th May (3pm MST)

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    Another season of Skyblock is now coming to an end, meaning it is time to start a brand new awesome chapter! This upcoming season of Skyblock will be our 18th Season, and a bunch of epic and custom new features are on their way!

    Season 18 Information:
    The main focus for this upcoming season of Skyblock is to bring forwards as much new content and features as possible. End Dimension, Autosell Tax Upgrades, Emerald Vault Upgrades and a brand new PvP arena will all be making their way to Skyblock next season. A full changelog detailing all changes can be viewed here.

    Skyblock Release Date:
    Season 18.0 is scheduled to launch this upcoming Friday at exactly: Friday 12th May 3pm MST. For a live countdown converted to your timezone, please click Here. We look forward to seeing you all there. As always, Enjoy!


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