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    Happy New Year MCC Community!
    It is my pleasure to reign in the New Year with the newest edition of the Newsletter! In this newsletter you will be updated on upcoming birthdays, our new column: Duck of the Month, get tips on how to become a staff member, and more!

    Just before Christmas, the Prison Sub-Server launched Season 18! The season changelog can be found here.

    Two of our staff members are celebrating their birthday this month!

    Be sure to wish them a happy birthday on their special day! If you want to have your birthday featured, please reach out to @Lxvely on Discord!

    Duck of the Month: by Bouncehouses
    As you may know, our staff member Bouncehouses is very passionate about his love for ducks! I asked him if he would like to provide a monthly duck for all of us to enjoy! This month's duck is Pita!

    Upcoming Events:

    Monthly Karaoke Night [Hosted by Lxvely] - January 26th at 7pm MST
    Prizes will be given out to the best performances!

    Tips on Becoming a Staff Member? by Lxvely:

    So, you want to try to become a helper on MCC? In this column, I have written a very basic set of tips to help you out! Following these tips do not guarantee that you will be successful, but it will help you and your application stand out!


    There are many great resources that can help you in the application process! Several guides can be found here on the forums, and you can always ask Applications Team members! We can answer questions about rules, give you tips on improving your application, and even do practice interviews!

    Important Links:
    Application Guidelines
    List of Application
    Team Members
    MCC's Rules

    | Contributors:
    Lxvely (Editor)
    Bouncehouses (Duck of the Month)
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