Prison 18.0 Changelog

Furnaces have been added to the shop (as they are used for the new excavator).
Barn challenge which requires killing smugglers has been reduced to be less grindy.
Players Dungeon Credit balance will now be displayed in the side scoreboard.
New weekly gang-based PvP event has been added (Citadel) which takes place in the Wilderness.
Gang-based rewards added for the new Citadel (Double Contraband, Double Essence, $50,000 money every hour)
Fixed a bug where the bank NPC in the barn involved the wrong mine permission check.
Automatic Excavator has been added to all private mines (located below the mine).
Upon feeding your livestock (after you have purchased all upgrades) you will receive money instead of produce.
Players are now able to recycle custom enchantments that they dont want and receive tokens in return.
New Introduction Tasks (/help) have been added for the newly added excavator feature.
Chat Games have been added which will take place in chat (maths, unscramble, reverse and reaction).
Players are now able to deposit and withdraw items from their backpacks.
Raw Excavator Parts have been added to the /essence shop (Abyss Mine).
Upon activating a combat crystal in the Wilderness, players will receive 5 Raw Excavator Parts.
Upon opening a care package in the Wilderness, playesr will receive 15 Raw Excavator Parts.
Raw Excavator Parts can now be smelted in a furnace to transform them into Refined Excavator Parts.
Refined Excavator Parts have been added to Ancient / Mythical / Seasonal keys.
Refined Excavator Parts can be used to upgrade the excavator on your Private Mine.
Dungeon Credits are now used to keep your mine excavator fueled.
New christmas themed spawn and wilderness builds for players to enjoy.

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