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    Lifesteal has been rebuilt from the ground-up bringing generator islands to the playing field, giving the gamemode a much bigger purpose and plenty of progression for players to enjoy throughout the season! We're proud to announce: Lifesteal Gens!

    Gens Information:
    Generators introduce an exciting new economy concept, allowing players to acquire and place generators on an island. These generators, in turn, produce valuable gems. With these gems, players can enhance their generators by advancing them to higher tiers, all the while earning experience. The more advanced the generators you place, the greater the yield in both gems and experience! Through the strategic use of these generators, players can progress through various ranks and prestiges, unlocking rewards that enhance their Lifesteal journey! A full changelog detailing all information can be viewed here.

    Lifesteal Gens Release Date:
    Lifesteal Gens is scheduled to launch this upcoming Friday at exactly: Friday 27th Ocbotber 3pm MST. For a live countdown converted to your timezone, please click here. We look forward to seeing you all there. As always, Enjoy!



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