Lifesteal 3.0 Reset - Friday 24th February (3pm MST)

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    Another season of Lifesteal is now coming to an end, meaning it is time to start a brand new awesome chapter! This upcoming season of Lifesteal will be our 3rd Season, and a bunch of epic and custom new features are on their way!

    Season 3 Information:
    The main focus for this upcoming season of Lifesteal is to bring forwards as much new content and features as possible. Heart Prestige, Obscure Zone Revamp, New Disguises, Chat Tags and much more will all be making their way to Lifesteal next season. A full changelog detailing all changes can be viewed here.

    Lifesteal Release Date:

    Season 3.0 is scheduled to launch this upcoming Friday at exactly: Friday 24th February 3pm MST. For a live countdown converted to your timezone, please click here. We look forward to seeing you all there. As always, Enjoy!


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