Lifesteal 1.0 Launch - Friday 23rd September (3pm MST)

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    For the first time in many years, a brand new server is making it's way to Minecraft Central. Launching this weekend, we would like to introduce our community to Lifesteal Survival, a brand new PvP experience!

    Lifesteal Information:
    Lifesteal is a brand new PvP experience based on the latest Minecraft version (1.19). Situated in a no-claiming Survival world, players must create a base, team up with a clan and fight for their survival! Kill another player and you will steal their hearts. Be careful though! If you lose all of your hearts, you will be death-banned for 48 hours. A full changelog will be posted later this week detailing more information!

    Lifesteal Release Date:
    Season 1.0 is scheduled to launch this upcoming Friday at exactly: Friday 23rd September 3pm MST. For a live countdown converted to your timezone, please click Here. We look forward to seeing you all there. As always, Enjoy!


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