KitPvP 8.0 Reset - Friday 17th April (3pm MST)

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    The long awaited KitPvP reset is only just around the corner. As everyone was suspecting (due to the recent threads made in the KitPvP forums) we have been behind the scenes working on this reset for the past few weeks. This post will highlight some of the general goals for the next season of KitPvP, and what changes we have planned.

    Season 8 Information:
    The next season of KitPvP will be our 8th Season. This season is scheduled to be launching this coming Friday, 17th April 3pm MST. A live countdown for the reset can be viewed Here. The live countdown will also convert the reset time to your timezone to assist with planning (as we all know how tedious it is attempting to figure out timezone trickery)!

    Upcoming Changes:
    Like always with our resets, we will be pushing out as much new content and fixes as possible. Whilst we plan on making as many fixes as possible with KitPvP this coming season, we are also taking this opportunity to revamp our Wager Duels which is currently present on all of our subservers (/duel). With the revamp of Wager Duels, we have rewritten the entire system from ground up, featuring a much more stable backend, alongside the ability to select from a list of maps which you would like for your duel to take place on. A full list of changes will be posted in a changelog closer to the release date.

    KitPvP Season 8 Length
    As with most of our subservers, the planned length for the upcoming KitPvP season is 6 months (roughly the same length as our past seasons). This is currently the time frame that works the best with us, allowing us to dedicate time to all aspects of the network where needed. Enjoy!


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