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    Hello all!

    Today I am creating this post to help those people that are having a bit of issue of how to fill out helper applications or just some ideas.

    However, I was planning to write this post (before I got staff) but after becoming one I sort of dropped this, but after a few weeks I decided to finally start this post (now)

    Before we start!!
    Before you open the helper application and start writing stuff make sure you had completed all of the requirements in order to become one!
    Can be viewed here: [Here]

    If you are having a bit of an issue of understanding the requirements you can look at my another post that I had made: [Guide] How to complete helper requirements correctly!

    Helper Application:
    Meet all of the requirements? Then let's move to the application:

    Before I began I want to say the sentences that are written in this color are just examples they don't have to be 100% like that.
    Your Ingame name (or your Minecraft user name) [You must own a Java Account], not bedrock
    [Discord Name]
    Discord Tag / not only name is needed but your discord tag, if your not aware of what discord is or don't own one, make sure to create one "just google Discord" and from there its a simple start of what is discord and how to create an account.
    [Faction Staff]

    Mark this (as we are going for helper not faction staff)

    [Google Account]
    Your google account, just place in your google email (yours)
    Your age (you must be over 14) however if you're below you still can apply (by being mature and situation handling)


    There's no need for this part to be explained. (but there is need for me to write this)
    [InGame Rank]
    Current InGame rank you own [if you don't have any just place none] also don't place some random rank name inside here.
    [Country / TimeZone]
    What country you are currently living at and time zone like:
    United State - (GMT-4)
    Languages you can speak like English / Chinese / Spanish etc.
    [Join Date]
    The day you had joined MCC server (it doesn't have to be 100% accurate)
    [Forum posts]
    The number of posts you own on MCC website (very simple to check by going into your profile page and looking at
    [Player Reports]
    The number of players you had reported [you must own at least 50 accepted not submitted but accepted reports] to check for your reports just go to this page: Link
    [How Active are you]
    Now, this is the part where you have to explain how active are you to MCC community, don't write:
    "I can be on 10 hours a day and 7 times a week" this is impossible (i mean it is unless you have nothing to do) but keep in mind to share your time with your life and being on MCC, a perfect match would be:
    4 hours a day and 5 times per week / 3 hours a day and 6 times a week / 2 hours a day and 7 times a week
    [Punish History]
    Place a link of your ban history (if you were punished) and would also be good if you could explain why you had been punished in the past.
    To search for you punish here go here:
    [Why are you Suitable]
    In here you must write of why you would make a great staff member, however, keep in mind "Helpers job isn't to catch hackers" so don't go like:
    The only reason why I believe I am suitable is that I would mute people and ban hackers and be on all day long.
    I am not trying to say that you cannot write in your app that you would help MCC as a helper to record hackers (you can write that) but just don't write about hackers (as this isn't your main job / goal as a helper) You should start with something like this:
    The reason why I believe I am suitable for helper position is because, I am an active member, a member that has a lot of knowledge with the server, and I can use this knowledge to help people out on MCC, I am also whiling to give my spare time on MCC as a staff member to help the community members out that needs help,
    Try to point out stuff that you can do and are good at MCC.
    [Why can we trust you]
    This part might seem a bit difficult for some members, in here you should explain in details to the application team of how can they trust you "with helper permissions" a bad example would be:
    I think I can be trusted with helper permission because I am a super honest guy that would never do such a horrible thing to MCC community! I ain't gonna abuse my powers I promise!
    You should start with something like:
    I believe the only reason why I can be trusted with helper permissions is that I came here to be a guy that can help MCC community rather than use my power on innocent members, nor do I find it fun or something that I would like to do as an MCC staff member, I never had this thought coming up inside my head to abuse my powers, instead of abusing I would be using my helper permissions on those players that deserve to be punished (rule breakers)
    [How do you help currently]
    This part is asking for you of how are you being useful in general as a member, like what have you been doing to be helpful in general to MCC community for this past time. I recommend for you to be on MCC discord and to try your best to be active / useful there! This can show the application team that you're an useful / helpful member, also keep this helpfulness on server / forums as well!
    [Past experience]
    Your past experience of being a staffmember (its also okay to say that you didn't have any) however if you do you should write about them! (I suggest for you to write / proof your past staff positions on servers in the past! You can also write that you had a low experience in the past however in recent days you started to gain it to a high level!
    [Tell us about your self]
    This part is for you to explain your-self, just who you are, where you live, what you do, what you want, whats your goals, etc! (remember to be on the topic)

    Tips / notes:
    So after you had read the application / requirements and you believe your ready to submit your application for helper than do so, but before you do I would like you to read this tips / note info (its pretty important)

    ~On website / forums / discord make sure to answer questions correctly (even if your application is all good and all the knowledge of your on MCC plays a huge role as well) answering most of the questions wrong but having a good application would make your chance of being accepted very low.

    ~Don't write to less having an application that has a very lack of details / answer per question is very bad (these type of applications would get an instant rejection)

    ~Be an active member on MCC server make sure you have at least 100 playtime per each sub-server and around 400 for minigames, this would show application team that your an active member and might be an active staff member (to check playtime do /playtime)

    When your application is submitted it would get reviewed, this might take around from 1 day to 3 weeks, the longer your application wasn't replyed the higher chance of it being accepted (as bad applications receive an instant or fast rejection for lack of info / not meeting requirements.

    Well, I wish you good luck to thoese that are going for MCC helper! I really hope this guide could help you out by giving ideas / tips!

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  2. VizeYT

    Sep 11, 2019
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    This is a great guide! Thanks so much for sharing these tips. I appreciate the time and dedication that you’ve put into making this Thread for the MCC Community.

    Thanks, Vize.
  3. Composures

    Jul 22, 2019
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    I was wondering when you were going to make a new guide! I am glad you decided to make a new one, because they are always helpful to the players. I know some people have problems with their applications. The reasoning behind this is, because some players are not sure what to write or if what they are writing, would be the correct thing to say. They are also not always sure what to do during the time of them applying. So thank you for making this helpful guide!
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  4. Yeho

    Jul 27, 2019
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    It's so nice seeing a new Helper making this thread and helping others who want to go this way. I appreciate the effort you've put into this post. :D
  5. insanelys

    Aug 6, 2019
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    I love these kind of threads, they could be useful to so many people.

    Good day :)
  6. ItzKinglinPlayz

    Oct 10, 2019
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    Amazing application. If I was to get evidence of me being staff on server I can't because they're either shut down or been merged a fews ago. This is how RegentAgent got helper...
  7. RegentAgent

    Jul 22, 2019
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    Yeah, I am sure thats how I got it...

    I have my ways! (But for real I had failed my app not for it being bad but for not being a useful guy, however, I wish you all GL of becoming an mcc staff if you're going for one!)

    Also, I do want to point out one thing: "Never ask a staffmember to check your application when you had submitted it or else it might lead you to an instant rejection!"
  8. JustBeChill

    Jul 23, 2019
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    Hi! Nice application tips Regent!
    I will definitely use your tips if I ever apply for staff!
    Have a wonderful day!
  9. delu

    Oct 4, 2019
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    As a previous staff member on others servers, this guide really shows an extensive knowledge on the process in which it takes to acquire such rank. Well done!

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