Factions 28.0 Reset - Friday 23rd October (3pm MST)

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    Another month has now passed, which brings our current season of Factions to an end. Congratulations to all the winners, I will be contacting you over this weekend via Discord to sort out your prizes. Whilst we get everything in place for the upcoming season of Factions, we will be having 1 week of downtime like always (no one will be able to join Factions during this period).

    Season 28 Information:
    Next season of Factions will be our 28th Season. The season is scheduled to launch on Friday 23rd October 3pm MST. A live countdown for the reset can be viewed Here. The live countdown will also convert the reset time to your timezone to assist with planning! We will be giving out $1,125 USD worth of prizes throughout next season of Factions. For a full breakdown of the prizes, please view this thread Here.

    Upcoming Changes:
    Next season of Factions we are aiming to bring forward as many highly requested features as possible. To list a few, this will include a brand new Raid Timer system, allowing for us to implement many of the factions rules server-side (this will result in a much smoother raiding experience, as people will physically be unable to break many rules which have proven to be a huge problem in the past), A brand new fortified chunk system, allowing for us to physically limit the speed at which cannons can go through walls, Sand Wands and much more. A full and detailed list of all changes is going to be posted later this week in a changelog (so make sure you stay tuned for that!).

    MCCentral Factions Discord:
    If you are new to MCCentral Factions, or are interested in participating next season, we believe it is vital that you join our dedicated Factions Discord (Click Here to join). The MCCentral Factions discord is where all important information regarding Factions is announced / stored (such as Faction Warnings and payout winners). This discord is also the main line of communication between us and the participating players / leaders.

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