The Return of Classic Sky Wars

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Would you support this comeback?

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  1. _Oprimido_

    Dec 14, 2019
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    Hey Guys!

    Sky Wars has always been one of Minecraft Central's most beloved and classic minigames. Since he was taken off the server, many players have been missing him. With its unique gameplay, exciting maps, and the ability to play as a team or alone, Sky Wars has always been a highlight of MC Central.

    But now, the expected moment has arrived. Sky Wars is back! Players will again be able to enjoy exciting air battles, compete in teams or play alone to become the last survivors in the sky. Anxiety already takes hold of the players, who are eagerly waiting to dive back into this classic minigame.​

    With the return of Sky Wars, MC Central has the opportunity to recover many players who left the server after the minigame was removed. After all, many players not only loved Sky Wars, but also used it to interact and have fun with other players. With this news, you can expect a lot of movement on the server and many new players.

    In summary, the return of Sky Wars to MC Central is great news for players and the server as a whole. The ability to relive one of Minecraft Central's most beloved minigames, in addition to bringing back many players, also helps maintain server dynamics and provide moments of fun for all players.

    Minecraft Central's Sky Wars was one of the most classic of Minecraft, which marked my life for many years, even when I didn't have the original game and just watched youtubers playing. Many are already tired of the Hypixel style that hits practically all servers and miss the MCC classic.​

    Until later! :tonguewink:
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  2. Lxvely

    Jul 25, 2020
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    As much as we would all love to see it, I don't believe there is any plan to bring back skywars or other minigames in the near future. Which is unfortunate, but just the way that it is.
  3. ICameISawILeft

    Mar 30, 2023
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    I think a lot of MCC's core audience is dedicated to the gamemodes they offer. Competition from other servers is pretty fierce, especially in terms of minigames. It IS a chance to attract more players, but at the same time the cost and work associated with the small possibility of having a few returning players that don't already play the core gamemodes may not be worth it. think about it this way: a lot of people who look to play minigames from outside of MCC's core playerbase will already flock to bigger servers. MCC is more known for its multitude of dedicated gamemodes now than anything else.
  4. Cyqz

    Jun 27, 2023
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    Return skywars please!! Please, please, please!!
  5. foreverbadvibes

    Oct 4, 2019
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    I haven't played mcc in well over a year (if not more), but I would instantly return if Skywars were to be re-added. I know many other players who feel the same.
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