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    It’s hard to believe Survival 7.0 is already almost eight months old. Time flies! It’s time for another reset and a new season to come, so I’m making a Mega Thread.

    With the 1.12 update introduced in season 7.0 and the new changes and ideas suggested by the community, Season 8.0 will definitely be a season to look forward to!

    • More Focus on the Resources Worlds
    • Better Economy
    • Better PvP
    • More Ways to Play
    • More Things to Do

    This mega thread is a detailed list of changes and new features suggested by the Survival community (including myself) that I believe could or should be added for Survival season 8.0.

    If you have more ideas or would like to add to or change some of the suggestions listed here, please leave a comment. Feedbacks from the community is always helpful!

    Below is a list of the ideas and suggestions. Please note that they are suggestions and it is up to the Owners and the Admin Team to determine what changes will be implemented in the new season.

    More Focus on the Resources Worlds
    Resources worlds are one of the key features that makes Survival unique. Under the current economy, the resources worlds didn’t get the attention they deserve since fishing is the fastest and safest way to make money, which can be easily done on the plot. Now it’s time to introduce changes and bring the attention back to the resources worlds. Encouraging the explorations in and interactions with the resources world will make the gameplay more interesting and set it apart from the experience on other servers.

    Making mob drops sellable to /shop.
    This gives motivations to find spawners and to make mob farms in the resources world. This encourages exploration and competition since the same spawner can be found by multiple people, and mob farms can be found by others too if they aren’t hidden.

    Price Suggestion:
    Blaze rod: 60, String: 10, Spider eye: 20, Bone: 10, Arrow: 10, Rotten flesh: 10. (Spawner mobs)
    Raw steak: 50, Leather: 50, Raw porkchop: 50, Raw mutton:50, Wool:15, Raw rabbit: 50, Rabbit hide: 50, Rabbit foot: 200, Raw chicken: 10, feather: 5, egg: 1.5 (chickens can be farmed on plots so the prices should be much lower.)

    Increase the selling price of ores.
    The price for all ores except for diamond and emerald should be doubled (Nether Quartz 56, Coal 20, Iron 80, Redstone 100, Gold 120, Lapis 120, Diamond 400, Emerald 1000). The current prices (Nether Quartz 28, Coal 10, Iron 40, Redstone 50, Gold 60, Lapis 60, Diamond 400, Emerald 1000) are low for most ores which makes mining less profitable than other fishing or farming even though it requires more skill. The new price better reflects the difficulty of getting ores, which requires finding caves, mining skills, and, in many cases, silk touch tools.

    Reduce fishing profit
    The prices of all types of fishes should be reduced to a third
    (Cod: 100, Salmon 270, Pufferfish 500, Tropical Fish 3330) of the current price (Cod 300, Salmon 800, Pufferfish 1500, Tropical Fish 10k). The current price for fish is the same as season 6, but season 6 had purchasable spawners. After the removal of spawners, the speed of money making by fishing is too fast compared to all the other ways and it is basically impossible to not fish and still not fall behind. Fishing also doesn’t require any set up or purchase of tools, since it’s possible to get the best rod possible from fishing. Because of that, the price of fish should be reduced.

    Reduce farming profit
    The prices for crops should be reduced as well, since farming is a very safe way to make money.

    Price suggestion: Carrot: 1, Potato: 1, Wheat: 3, Nether Wart: 0.7, Pumpkin: 9, Melon: 1.6, Sugarcane: 1.5, Cocoa bean: 0.7.
    (Current Price: Carrot: 1.13, Potato: 1.13, Wheat: 3.5, Nether Wart: 0.8, Pumpkin: 11, Melon: 2, Sugarcane: 2.1, Cocoa bean: 0.75.)
    Beetroots should be sellable to shop at 1 each. Chorus fruits should be sellable to /shop at 5 each.

    Harvest Hoes should be able to replant beetroots. Farming with a Harvest Hoe on a large farm should make at least slightly more money than fishing, since Harvest Hoes can only be obtained from treasure keys, and building large farms takes time, effort, and space.

    Resources World Seed Change
    The map seed for all resources worlds should change once every month.
    Currently, the seed of the overworld changes once every two weeks, and many members of the community think it’s too often. One month will allow more exploration of the overworld and better use of what the world has to offer. On the other hand, changing the seed of the end will motivate people to keep exploring the end trying to find more end cities instead of visiting the same ones they found early in the season. This will also reduce the amount of elytras in the community, which makes them more precious and also makes Mending enchantment more useful.

    More Motivations for Dragon Fights
    Dragon fights are unique to Survival and they are like “mini-events” since they happen near the spawn of the end world. It takes a long time to grind for the end crystals, so dragon fights should be profitable. Making dragon fights profitable will also make them happen more often, which brings the community something interesting to do from time to time.

    Dragon Eggs can only be picked up by a player if they have placed down at least one of the 4 end crystals.

    All players will receive 1000 as long as they have dealt damage to the dragon.

    Dragon breath can be sold to /shop at 400 per bottle. (The price is not high, since one dragon needs four crystals which need 4 ghast tears. Ghasts tears are very hard to get without /fly. The average price for a ghast tear is around 100k.)

    *Add an option to trade a dragon egg for a creeper spawner (Note: gun powder can’t be sold to /shop. Also, the plot mob limit still applies so it won’t spawn anything if there are too many mobs on a plot.) This can encourage dragon fights and bring more fireworks to the community.

    New /dragon top shows players who have fought the highest number of dragons/dealt the highest amount of damage to dragons/spawned the highest number of dragons.

    Add armor stand pedestals displaying top players in dragon stats.

    Better Economy
    One of the issues season 7 and season 6 had was that there weren’t enough ways to spend money. Adding more ways to spend money will improve the economy in season 8.

    Purchasable Plot Limits and Customizations
    Purchasable plot biome change 10k each time (It’s rarely used so it should charge more.)

    Purchasable plot name change (10k first time, 20k second time, 40k third time, etc.), so players can work for the plot name they want, instead of trying to win a competition of claiming names as early as possible.

    Purchasable plot beacon limit: 10k for 1 beacon, 20k for 2 beacons, 40k for 3 beacons, 80k for 4 beacons, etc.

    Purchasable plot heads limit: 20k for every 5 heads.

    Purchasable plot holoskulls limit: 20k for each holoskull.

    Purchasable chestshop limit: 1000 for every 5 buying/selling signs.

    Purchasable mob limit: 10k for first 5 mobs, 20k for the next 5, 40k for the next 5, etc. Up to 25 mobs per plot.

    Purchasable Spawn Eggs
    Add purchasable mob spawn eggs to /shop. They provide nice ways to get pets on plots. Price should be 100k each minimum so plot pets remain relatively rare and special. Pets should take time and effort to get. There should also be a limit on how many spawn eggs a player can buy in total, maybe 10.

    Purchasable Advertising Slots
    Add a new page of /shop showing player owned shops. These slots can be rented at an hourly cost of 50 per hour.

    Items Purchasable from /shop
    Adding purchasable items to /shop to help and encourage overworld exploration and PvP. The price of items should be relatively high so people will try to obtain them in vanilla ways or through trading instead of considering buying them from /shop as the first or the best option.

    Add Enchanted Golden Apples to /shop at 20k each.

    Add fireworks to /shop at 20k per stack

    Add ender pearls to /shop at 200 each.

    1.8 PvP
    There have been lots of suggestions of changing the PvP from 1.12 to 1.8 from the community. Even those who PvPs a lot during this season don’t seem to enjoy 1.12 PvP. Some ideas are:

    Changing the PvP on the entire server to 1.8 PvP (lag seems to be a concern)
    Making the PvP Arena similar to the current /duel arena, which is on 1.8, and leave the other parts of the server unchanged
    (but with the inventory and armors carried instead of the default kits)

    Adjusted Quests
    Different from money which requires grinding farms and selling items, quest points reflect another aspect of the gameplay: persistence. Quest tops should be given more recognition so it encourages more players to get on and do quests on a daily basis.

    Add armor stand pedestals displaying top players in quest points.

    Adjusting quest rewards and difficulties
    quests should be easy to do with less reward (1.5k each instead of 2k each. 1 quest point each). Some good options are:
    • Collecting a small amount (10-50) of items (easy to obtain) in inventory
    • Eating a small amount of food (5-20) (easy to obtain)
    • Placing down a type of block for a number of times (2-7)
    • Harvest a small amount of crops (50-100)

    Weekly quests should be more difficult than daily quests but are not very hard to do (15k each, 5 quest points each)
    • Crafting a certain amount (45-150) of items
    • Catching a certain amount (45-150) of fish
    • Killing a certain amount (45-150) of mobs
    • Destroying a certain number (200-700) of blocks
    • Taming mobs for a certain number (15-50) of times
    • Trading with villagers for a certain number of times (30-100)

    Monthly quests should be challenging and time consuming with a relatively high reward (60k each, 15 quest points). Some good options are:
    • Fishing up lots (70-200) of trash
    • Enchanting lots (70-200) of items
    • Eating lots (70-200) of valuable or rare food (like golden apple, cooked fish)
    • Getting many (20-50) kills in PvP
    • Breeding mobs many (70-200) times
    • *Destroying spawners (20-50) times

    New Achievement System
    Adding new Achievements server-wide and season wide which can serve as nice collectibles and tutorials. For example:
    • “Claiming a Plot”
    • “Visiting the Overworld”
    • “Obtaining an Elytra”
    • “Breeding a Mob”
    • “Killing the Ender Dragon”

    New elytra event
    Similar to Boss Event, it happens in a separate arena with default kits for everyone. In the event, Everyone will be given an elytra and 2 stacks of rockets. There are floating islands containing treasure chests with points in them. The first to collect all points will be the winner of the event and will get event rewards.

    Changes to Kits and Rank Abilities
    1.12 update introduced many new features so it's time to adjust some of the rank abilities.

    An Ability for Bedrock rank or higher: Mending doesn’t cost XP

    A new ability for emerald rank or higher (to compensate the loss of /fly in the resources world)

    The ability to move quickly in water in the overworld
    A /heal command to remove all negative potion effects (Poison, Mining fatigue, etc.) which only works in resources world.
    The temporary potion effect command: Getting Speed II, Strength II, fire resistance, water breathing, and/or night vision for 30 seconds. This command can only be used once per 6 hours and only works in the resources world.

    Kit Food
    5 mushroom stew every 10 minutes (Not stackable so people only use it for food instead of trying to save it up).

    Better Starting Kit
    Add 2 stacks of ender pearls and a saddle to the starting kit so that people have more ways to travel farther in the resources worlds at the beginning of the game when elytras aren’t available.

    Other Changes

    Updated Tutorial
    An updated warp tutorial with detailed information on the gameplay. It should also clearly point out the resource worlds reset daily and are not good places to build a base in.

    Disable auto fishing farms
    *Adding restrictions on how long people can keep fishing without moving around (at least pressing one of the arrow keys)

    5% of the win will be taken away for all coin flips.
    Adding biggest /cf winners and losers

    Adding Crop Top, Mob Top, Mining Top stats and commands

    Increase the price of heads to 50k each instead of 25k.

    That’s it for now, but we can always add more! If you have more ideas or would like to add to or change some of the suggestions listed here, please leave a comment. Feedbacks from the community is always helpful!
    (Format credits to KierenBoal)​
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    add /fly in /warp fb BACK!!!
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    Fly would not be likely to be added back to the resource world because now that elytras are introduced on survival, it balanced out the game a little more for the other players without rank, as above stated, He had made suggestions to compensate the loss of /fly in the resources world therefore fly would most likely not come back for the next season.
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    Hey AZXG!!

    Great Thread! It's lovely to see new ideas for the server! Here are my opinions on your suggestions.

    More Focus on Resource worlds.

    Fair point with this. During the later part of this season, I didn't find the need to go to warp FB much. Player-owned shops were very helpful when I was building as well as I had lots of stuff in my chests. I didn't need to go mining, exploring, and other stuff that is general on Survival. Perhaps more of a mining economy could help, though not sure about that.

    1a) Make the mob drops sellable.

    This could be a pretty cool way to make some cash, as mob loot is hard to get. With Looting 3, you could probably get a fair amount of mob loot which I guess would make a new method for money.

    1b) Increase the selling price of ores.

    This would be great to encourage mining as a way to make money in my opinion, as players would go looking for cave and ravine systems across the overworld and perhaps even set homes or save coordinates. There is a chance this could encourage Xray however. This would also encourage players to try and find enchanted silk touch pickaxes in end cities or try and enchant there own.

    1c) Nerf Fishing Profits.

    I am a +1 to this for the reason being that this is not only the best way to make money at the moment but is so easy to set up. Take for example mining, you have to try and get a silk touch pickaxe, farming, you have to make a multi-layered farm and get a good axe and/or harvest hoe. But fishing is just so easy to set up. Step 1) Find 3 spiders and kill them. Step 2) Get 2 Oak Wood. Step 3) Craft a fishing rod. Very easy, very simple but so OP at the same time. The more effort you making money, the more you should earn.

    1d) Reduce farming profits.

    For me personally, I like the idea of farming as a good way to make money. I don't see anything wrong with it. However, your decrease suggestions aren't that significant and I guess it is fairly easy to set up so I guess not much harm would be done.

    1e) Increase SeedTime.

    Something I would really like to be added is a longer seed cycle. If you can only really play weekends if you have work/school, that's only 4 days to get to know that seed. I get that they don't want people revisiting the same temples, dungeons, rare biomes, etc every day but I still think this should be changed to 4 Weeks (28 days) on Saturdays/Sundays regular time. Also, you mentioned something about this will make elytra become less rare, currently, the end and the nether never changes seed. So I guess you are suggesting to make the other overworlds change seed as well. In this case, I think this is a reasonable idea, however, when you unlock elytra, it is so easy to find more. I only used one end city set home for like 5 months, but then I flew across the outer islands and found 5 other ships! Perhaps they make Overworld 4 weeks, End 2 weeks? Who knows.

    More Motivation For the Ender Dragon

    The ender dragon battle is quite unique to Survival and 4 ghast tears is a fair amount of grinding to do so you are most definitely right that the ender dragon grind should pay off. As for your suggestions on how to do this:

    2a) All players who dealt damage to the dragon get $1000

    I am on board with this but I think there should be more of a cash prize. $1000 really isn't that much considering how hard the dragon is to kill. I am thinking a bit like Season 5 boss battles where Every % gets $500. Example User1 deals 50% damage then User1 gets $25k. User2 Deals 20% then they get $10k. 6 others do 5% so they get $2500. I think this will really motivate people to kill the dragon and even just help out a bit whereas $1000 for one hit is kinda unfair to 45% damage also gets $1000.

    2b) Dragon breath can be sold to /shop

    I get where you are coming from, but -1. I feel people won't bother fighting dragon this way and just stay on the ground getting dragon breath. A stack of dragon breath would sell for like $25,000 roughly which I think would be quite OP as the players who grinded for the ghast tears would go like "Come to /Warp End for Dragon Breath!! Bring your bottles for Easy Money!!!!" in the chat.

    2c) Trade Dragon Egg for a Creeper Spawner (and don't make gunpowder sellable to /Shop)

    I'm not 100% sure on this one. I think this may result in too many dragon fights that Warp End may become crowded as well as Fireworks and TNT may become way too easy to get as well.

    2d) /DragonTop

    This could be quite interesting! I wouldn't mind seeing this. If I know one thing from MCC is that people love getting on useless leaderboards! Take quests, for example, a lot of people (myself included) do quests for quest points even if it's not worth it just to be on the leaderboard. Ahhh anyway, that's off-topic xD, nevertheless, I would like to see this added.

    2e) Dragontop Podium in End

    Adding onto the last suggestion, am +1, perhaps this could be in end spawn when you walk out.

    Better Economy

    No doubt that this Season's economy has completely failed. Fishing is so profitable, not enough money is going out of the economy, and everyone has become very rich, not knowing what to do with their money. As for your improvements:

    3a) Plot Customisations

    Erm, no. A lot of these are just adding expensive fees for simple things. I get that money needs to come out somehow but things like getting beacons are hard enough without paying for more fees. I wouldn't mind seeing things that may actually help others that hasn't been added before but some of these are quite unnecessary. Like the chest shop limit, for example, my shop would cost $300,000 just so it could work. Some of these might be OK, however, like plot biomes. Personally I think this might be quite pricy however as when I farm flowers, I often swap biomes lots. On the other hand, this could lead to warp fb exploration too. I wouldn't mind seeing /plot upgrades similar to /is upgrades on skyblock but I would like them to be somewhat necessary I guess.

    3b) Purchase Spawn Eggs

    Something I really loved about this season is how you can have so many more animals on your plots without spawners. Like chickens could be born by cracking eggs and parrots could be carried on your shoulder. I would love to see the addition of sheep spawn eggs for shearing and maybe have an animal limit (I think currently is 25) and like breeding cows to kill them. What I would love to see is this: You can buy Animal Eggs from /Shop and can breed till you reach a maximum of 25 animals. Also, have on Spawn Eggs section of /Shop an item renamed saying "NOTE: Only 25 Animals can fit on a Plot" or something so players don't get stacks and end up making a mistake.

    3c) Advertising Slots

    Eh. I feel /Ah would still be used as an advertising space especially when you can use a maximum of 5 adverts on the auction page. However, I feel like a subscription thing would go wrong let's say if someone's internet broke and when they relog on they lost all their money because they couldn't cancel it. For me, I think if this was to be added it would be it should be $8400 and it would say "Autodisables in 6d 59h 59m" or something.

    3d) Items Purchasable from /Shop.

    Right now I have like so many ender pearls and the only time I really use them is in envoys which I don't do often. If your Immortal or something you would get a lot of ender pearls daily so I don't think they should be buyable but I think Enchanted Golden Apples is a very good idea to sell on /shop, especially as now you cannot craft them on 1.9, making them very rare. Fireworks are also very consumable as people love to waste them xD. I mean I don't think many people remember that every rocket they use they are wasting almost $200 haha. I think $20,000 a stack seems reasonable for /shop.

    1.8 PVP

    The biggest downside from many Survival players is that PVP will never be the same again as 1.12 has a new combat system, hence why many servers stay 1.8.9.

    4) Making a new server connected to Survival for PVP.

    I assume this is similar to Warp Boss Battles, where it is still 1.8 which for me works absolutely fine. However, cross inventories do seem to be an issue. I could be wrong, however. Also, will players still be able to chat with Survival players? Will it say something different on /Friend List? Will the people in PVP be counted towards to player count?

    Quest Adjustments

    Quests have been the same for a while and I would love to see some adjustments, especially to make the goals more reasonable.

    5a) Add Podium for Quest Top 3

    I think this could be nice in the empty sections of spawn, as it encourages others to go for that #1 position!!

    5b) Adjusting quest rewards and difficulties

    This would be great to see! Adding some more variety of things like you mentioned. For example trading with villagers would be sweet.


    6) Adding new Achievements server-wide and season wide.

    I would absolutely love Survival if this was added. It's a shame that advancements don't work as they do in normal Minecraft so if MCCentral could add its own achievement system I would be really happy. Huge +1.

    New Events

    7) Elytra Event in a Boss World.

    This elytra event you have come up sounds spectacular. A bit like envoys but flying and instead of prizes they're rewards. Fabulous Idea :D

    Changes to Kits and Rank Abilities

    8a) Mending Doesn't Cost XP for Bedrock+

    I'm not sure what you mean by Mending doesn't cost XP but I still think /Fix is useful. I think this could stay.

    8b) A new ability for emerald rank or higher (to compensate the loss of /fly in the resources world)

    For your first idea, this could be used by anyone already, its called a boat xD. I don't think this would be all too beneficial. For your second idea, I feel this is only really necessary in 3 circumstances, A) Fighting a Witch, Cave Spider or Shulker or B) Raiding an Ocean Monument or C) Fighting the wither. The third one I think wouldn't be too useful either so I would pick the /heal one.

    8c) /Kit Food (Mushroom Stew, not stackable)

    When I was Iron rank I will admit I did run out of food a lot so I think that this could be useful if you're stuck in FB this I think would be useful. However, it kinda takes away the vanilla fun of saving up on food and cooking it, etc.

    8d) Better Kit Starter

    I like the idea of having a stack or two of ender pearls and a saddle, but I would also suggest a boat for long-distance sea travel. +1

    Have A Great Day
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    I had this thought the other day...
    Make the following idea purchasable or for high ranks: the ability to clear a plot of the dirt and stone without digging.
    It is incredibly time consuming to get the plot to look how you want. Most people hire out the job anyway or the plots are left plain-looking.
    As for me, it is something I would spend in-game money on.
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    ok to start off, this is some what of a mix of my opinion/feedback on what you wrote and some questions about some things you put in, im kinda too lazy to re read it all and mark which is which, but majority of questions are towards the bottom

    resource world/fb-
    In my opinion, i think the 2 weeks is a fair amount of time for a reset as it’s easy to set homes in all dif places and then just write down coords to dif ores or where animals are (if you’re doing a quest) and so on that the 2 weeks gives players that fresh start and pushes them a little more out of their comfort zone to actually explore n such. Let’s say that the monthly reset is implemented and I have 5 homes in dif structures/chests(mineshafts) that all have smth like gapples or mobdrops(like desert temples), theorehtically (very hypothetical w/ assumptions) that could be 155 gaps in a month w/o farming or using keys to earn money for them or even buying a rank for the sethomes or the key for the perk or giving/trading money for the perk as it was bought in a previous season (155 coming from 5*31 assuming that all of those sethomes all had an egap and the monthly resets are set up like the monthly quests where they change on the 1st of a month and that someone else doesnt beat me to it all…. again, very very hypothetical). anyways, even if it’s not things like structures it very well can be things like ores, especially if the price to sell ores in shops are increased. For multiple seasons I have taken advantage of my rank and sethomes and write down coords to ores and take advantage of it all until the seed resets and i re explore caves n such. Back when seeds didn’t reset I would end up having double chests full of diamonds and emeralds, and this season alone I have been able to use this stratgey (sorta) to load up on things like gold, emeralds, and diamonds, making multiple stacks of blocks outa these things and using them for quests. I think that a month would allow players to get comfortable and rely on homesets and coords n such to gather resources than actually making it feel more like survival. I think even if this monthly seed reset was compared to factions n such, the difference is is that factions worlds dont get reset daily once a resource is gone, it’s gone unless replanted or a farm is created (assuming the resource can be replanted and isnt smth like an ore and someone actually is gonna make some farm they see on youtube)..
    I think the end world and nether world should be reset as well just to keep things not all the same n such by just setting homes in end cities for infinite shulker boxes and elytras or even in a nether fortress.
    apart from the fb resets i think everything else you suggested related to it all n such abt shops would be a great addition to survival

    really just for starter/default kit i think logs should be changed from the 16 logs to 64 planks so default kits aren’t giving free money to all players. although it’s not a lot, i still think money should be from keys/rewards(/“/kit money”) or selling stuff or trading w/ other players

    dragon event-
    For the dragon event, wdym by as long as a player dealt damage.. Since, like, i could just bow the dragon off once and peace out and afk or smth and i could still get prize?

    mob limit-
    For mob limit, are you saying that to up grade to the full 25 mobs it’d cost 310k? As in the $ each mob prestige, so 80k for the 20, then 160k for the 25… nothing against that, i think its very fair as this season i got carried away w/ parrots and chickens.

    purchasables + quests (i think)-
    As for the items purchasable in shop… i think the price of egaps should be increased. I understand that w/ the 1.12 update, it made egaps more rare and more valuable especially since they didnt come in kits anymore, but i think even w/ all of your suggested changes players are still going to make tons of money either by kits or just w/ big farms. More directed towards the end of the season when players tend to have gotten into rhythm of the money grind and it can be more disposable on smth like gaps. As already semi-mentioned, things like keys (whether purchases or from votes) can make money easier to get.. Like the beginning of this season i got a few money pouches and at the beginning they were worth about 18-22k if i were to open them w/i the first week of the reset, now theyre around 200-300k from last time i checked in may… anyways, i think egaps should def be more obtainable for players, but also by making them more valuable then they were in previous seasons when they were in kits and more valuable like they are in other subs where they can be tossed and traded so commonly if that even makes sense.. Maybe a price like 40k or 80k per gap would be a lot at the beginning of a season but towards the end, not so much… or any/all of the purchasable items in shop inflate w/ economy as the season goes along (and a possible way to config this is every seed reset it increases 5-15% if the seed resets are once a month, and if they remain as they are now and have been either (1) increase 2-3% each 2 weeks or (2) increase every other seed reset).

    no comment on the pvp

    For quests, i personally think quest rewards should decrease rather than increase.. By doing so, it pushes survival to be more survival than some pansy eco subserver with someone’s mommy’s credit card. I get the quests now are lowkey obsured now and it’s hard to compare them if the other things in this thread are added with more things to do around survival; however, at the moment now the rewards (in my opinion) are too much and give a little more emphasis on how money is quite easy to obtain from simple tasks all for it to really not go anywhere. I think for dailys it should be 1k, for weeklys it should be 2-2.5k, and for monthlys it should be 5k-10k..

    For the achievement system, would it be like a thing in chat or…. ?

    I like the elytra event, is it basically an envoy but w/ elytras? Lol

    For your /heal would you include levitation a negative effect? Since shulkers are quite annoying, but also, i have used levitation from end cities and then doing /home as an advantage to get somewhere since /fly was removed (assuming i didnt have epearls on me :flyshed:)

    anyways these are just kinda my thoughts and my take on survival.. and sorta questions…
    anyways*2 HAVE A GREAT DAY and GrEAT poST moUCH appREciATiON for taking time to type it all out :D
    big clown moment
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  7. pangf

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    some thoughts i had:
    don't reduce crop prices again- setting up farms and subsequently harvesting them is time consuming, as well as very survival-ish. the prices last season were good
    the dragon fight ideas are great, as i saw people getting upset over their dragon eggs being stolen by randoms multiple times
    and as much of a pain as it sounds like to have to pay for changing plot biome/name/etc, it is a fun idea
    changing just the pvp back to 1.8 while keeping higher version content is something they should have done in season 7, and i'm glad it's being considered now. speaking of, are we going to get a higher version than 1.12? 1.14 would be amazing, especially for building items such as lanterns
    also YES, please update the tutorial to have more detailed information or at least the basic stuff, as well as pointing new players to the tutorial immediately. it's tiring having rookies ask the same 3 questions and get the same answers over and over in chat instead of just having them read read important information up front
    one more thing: something very small that made season 7 good was that i couldn't sell my arrow(s). i hated having to stash my arrow(s) in season 6 to /sell all, so if the economy is going to switch to being mob-grinding-focused, perhaps add features for players to toggle selling specific items or just leave arrows out of the shop
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