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Discussion in 'Prison General Discussion' started by Pillaa, Jun 14, 2022.

  1. Pillaa

    Aug 3, 2019
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    Hi all, I recently have thought of a new idea that I feel would benefit all subservers but would mainly pertain to the active ones such as prison and skyblock. In playing the server, many people really need boosters activated to make money such as a 2x on prison. The 2x booster is absolutely necessary for prison to run properly because it allows people of higher prestiges to be able to pay higher value for ores and when the booster is activated they get to sell for a profit. The only issue we come to find as the server slowly starts to lose players is that not as many people want to activate boosters. This is where I came up with an idea, and that is that boosters should be added to voting keys as an epic reward and ancient/mythical as rare/legendary. I feel like this would have a positive effect on the gameplay because the boosters will become more common as people open up keys, and improving everyone's experience who is on during the duration of that booster.
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  2. fattr

    Jun 4, 2020
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    i completely support this idea!

    The gameplay and economy of prisons is heavily dependent on boosters, especially the market multiplier(x2). This is how both prestige and non-prestige players make their money. While mainly prestiged players create and maintain the ore shops, players across the entire server depend on these shops to make large amounts of money at once. Without sell shops, this benefit is with-held from all players, which destroys the game's economy.

    Adding boosters as a key reward can greatly benefit the server. If there are worries about the overall server losing money, there are loopholes that can be found that can satisfy both the community and the owners. The cheaper boosters could be added to voting keys(>$5), while the more expensive boosters($5<) can be added to ancient/myth keys. If these boosters are set as epic/rare/legendary, the players will be required to purchase more keys in order to amplify their chance of receiving a booster as a key reward. The more keys bought=the more money spent.

    Myself, and I'm certain many others, would love to see this implemented in the coming seasons!
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  3. JeremiahGottwald

    May 1, 2022
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    This is definitely a good concept, although I don't believe they will be added to vote keys. Epic rewards are supposed to be hard to get, yet I've gotten quite a few epics from vote keys. If boosters were able to be won for free through vote keys, people would buy less of them in the store, which the owners probably wouldn't like. Instead, as mentioned above, they should be added to ancient & myth keys. This would help both the owners and the community, since it would lead to more keys being purchased, but also a larger amount of boosters. Either way, I'd love to see this added in the upcoming seasons.

    - Jeremiah
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  4. abbs

    Jul 22, 2019
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    Okay so this is kind of a bad idea...

    We can completely ignore that part about a vote key having one - that'd would never happen and it would be a very poor decision on Markey's part if he did it.

    First issue I can see with this is the fact that there is multiple boosters for prison, It wouldn't make sense for Markey to include the 2x and not the others. That also raises the issue of - if they're all included - the varying prices of the boosters. Some are only 5usd while others are 10usd.

    Honestly the only way I can see this being a good idea on all fronts would be to do it like this;
    Have the Ancient key and the Mythical key give a different range of boosters. Ancient keys would carry Charity Time, Increased Pickaxe EXP or Enhanced PvP. Mythical would carry Increased Tokens or Market Sell Multiplier. The Booster you pull would be random the same way it is when you get custom enchants.

    This way Markey would still make money off his boosters (People who specifically want a booster are not going to waste stupid amounts of money buying keys for something they can get guaranteed) while making it possible for the big spenders to get them from keys.

    Just to clarify why the 2x would have to be in the mythical key and not the ancient; Honestly it'd just be a bad business move on Markey's part. That would be giving the players something worth up too 4 times the value of the keys themselves. Before anyone brings up backpacks etc. I'm talking about a fixed market value. It's a direct comparison between the too items which have fixed prices, The price of backpacks etc. fluctuate.

    so yeah, kind of a bad idea in my opinion but like maybe if it's done right it could work?
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  5. LeafyTiger24

    Mar 18, 2020
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    I agree that this would be a cool idea but only for in ancient and myth keys since, as mentioned above, it would be too op and a poor decision. However I fully support their addition to ancient keys and myth keys but as a legendary reward since the boosters are worth more than keys are (in terms of price on the store) so making them rare would be a good idea. This would also help the economy a great deal especially on prison and would be an incentive for players to buy keys in the hope of getting a booster for cheap especially since some boosters are more expensive than others so it would be interesting for players to get one. The thing could be "random booster" or something like that - a bit like with disguises. The only downside to this I can see is that nobody would be buying boosters directly from the store which could be a bad idea on the server's behalf. Despite this, I think its a cool idea nonetheless.

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