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    Skyblock Season 18 - Feedback Thread
    We'd like your feedback on Season 18 of Skyblock. If there's anything you want to be changed, added, or even removed, here is the best place to put it!

    All constructive feedback is appreciated!

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    I only started playing on the server a few days ago but I am noticing some things already that in my opinion should be dramatically changed. Everything I'm saying is just my opinion and I highly recommend taking everything I say with a grain of salt. I am a player that focuses more on aesthetics than efficiency, affecting my overall view.

    In my opinion, the main economy of the game should be centered around the ability of players to create the island they want to display to others. What I mean by this is people should be encouraged to create beautiful islands if they want, construct massive farms, create donation islands, etc. The issue I have is that due to the 'meta' ways to get money in the game, large sections of the island and large amounts of time are required to achieve the basic financials to even begin constructing the entrance to your island. I do understand that the game is focused around grinding, but I feel like building massive cactus farms and relying on luck/cash to get chunk loaders is detrimental to the overall player experience. I believe that the farms should be easier to construct but slower to obtain. Mob grinders being the meta is an example that also allows more building blocks to be sold in the store due to items such as emeralds or being the main draw for money (Just an example). I have always been a fan of mob farms and mining being the main focus as they are both fairly compact and give players an AFK of the mob farm that can be enhanced by also mining. I think the fishing in the server is actually incredible though because it does feel fairly rewarding to be constantly active. Sadly it just gets trumped by massive cactus farms atm. I would like to say that the amount of time to increase your income should not be slowed though by removing the need to build massive farms. The cost to create the farms should go up but the time to build them should go down, ideally meeting in a spot where it's the same overall time to increase your wealth but allow more flexibility in what you do on the server.

    I was looking through the server's history and noticed that resets happen every 3-4 ish months. I feel like this is extremely short for a game mode based on grinding and feel that the underlying issue is the lack of inspiration and accessibility to play Minecraft like Minecraft. Skyblock is a game mode about grinding AND creating. Due to how the economy works, large portions of islands are dedicated to farms and grinders. The most fun I've had on skyblock servers is seeing what people create on their islands and how they envision their world. Creating games, cities, shops, and so on is just not something I see happening because everyone is so focused on making the biggest cactus farm or trying to even make enough to afford some decorative blocks. What I'm trying to get at is resetting skyblock is not adding gameplay, it's merely restarting the initial grind to the actual gameplay. I think a rework of the economy (ik this is insanely difficult) would do wonders, encouraging players to craft their islands rather than only farming them. It would also be nice to see more of a fluid progression system in which players can obtain new commands or upgrade by playing the game in a more flexible way. Nothing game-breaking but maybe access to a player vault by reaching a certain island level or getting a premium hoe for completing a certain amount of challenges. Just small gameplay things that are so restrictive like farming 10,000 melons or killing 1 mil+ mobs. Something that can be achieved in a variety of different ways.

    I honestly really like how active this server is with things such as spleef, envoys, UHC, and so on but think that we can take it up a notch. I think having a staff member dedicated to hosting events for the players would create so many memorable moments and would add meaningful gameplay. You may be wondering what I could be talking about but I'm thinking of long-term events. Monthly building competitions that encourage players to develop their islands in a new way is just one example that could help inspire players to stick around even if it's just to hang out on some of the prettier islands and just vibe. This could also be a situation where the winning build gets put into the game somehow. Maybe PvP tournaments could occur where players will 1v1 each other in an arena while others watch, waiting to see who comes out on top. I'm just throwing around ideas but hopefully, I made my point and would love others to pitch in.

    I know most of this feedback is things I would love to be improved or changed but feedback is best when it's introducing new ideas. I honestly believe this is one of the best skyblock servers I've seen in a while as everything just seems to work well together compared to others, but that doesn't mean improvement isn't needed. I think an economy mix-up would be fantastic, allowing players to get the same amount of benefit from less time building and it taking up less space, at the cost of a steeper cost to obtain the items (just an idea). The gameplay needs to do more than build a farm, make lots of money, and then reset the server. Spruce some things up with long-term events, free-to-play rank-ups, or something. more flexible. Finally, creating incentives for players to play the game in a new way with long-term events or something to add meaningful playtime to the game instead of artificial gameplay.

    Again this is all my personal opinions and PLEASE feel free to express your opinions about everything I brought up. Do you agree? Have an idea for an event? Or why do you think something I said is a bad idea? Communication is key for a game to survive so let's start a conversation!

    Just no bullying! Constructive criticism is key.
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