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Skyblock Season 16 Feedback

Discussion in 'Skyblock General Discussion' started by Kyee__, Nov 5, 2022.

  1. Kyee__

    Jul 22, 2019
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    Hey Everyone!!

    New Season of Skyblock has now released. Please leave your feedback below! Anything is great!
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  2. Incarnati0n_

    Jul 22, 2019
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    A few things about this new season:
    1. Mob armour is worthless
      1. Most players when grinding mobs at least want Token Luck on their armour, not just Speed, Strength, Resistance. If you are able to put Token luck on these pieces of armour then you would have to get 56 Token luck books if you want it on all of the armour sets.
      2. Rewards from using mob armour to get mob coins are insanely bad. A lot of people agree especially considering that it currently doesn't really help advance the island in any way. If cactus was a better crop which sold for maybe $5 each, crop hoppers would be more worth it, but since cactus is sitting at $1.5, it is still probably the worst farm in the game. I agree that after you build the farm it's passive income, but considering sand costs so much you would need to build a massive cactus farm before you would get a good return on investment.
    2. Mob coins are worthless
      1. Cosmetics, crop hopper, mob statue or emerald wand. Cosmetics are meh, crop hopper is completely worthless as almost every other method of farming is better than cactus, Mob statue maybe for some players, emerald wand (I don't think anyone uses it)
      2. You should make it so you can buy a lot of things from the mobcoin shop. They would obviously have to be adjusted but could include, hoppers, spawners, valuable blocks, money pouches, xp pouches, tokens, sell wands. You could even introduce super, grindly items such as compost bins, holographic skulls etc.
    3. Phantoms:
      1. Make it so phantoms are unable to use the ladders on the 4 sides of the nether island to get out of the arena.
    4. Key Rewards:
      1. Making all rewards common was a great change in making the game less P2W
      2. Adding exclusive spawners to keys made the game more P2W
    5. Tiered Spawners
      1. I thought this was a good change so you couldn't just go straight to the highest-paying spawner and afk those for the entire season.
      2. Need to be clearer on how you deliver new content like this. It was stated you just need to get a certain number to Tier1 Mob kills to move on to T2 etc. However, it was not stated afk mobs count towards this total. I think some people currently still have no clue that afk kills count towards the goal. If newer players join further down the season they might not want to start playing if they believe they need to kill so many mobs manually.
    6. Pledge/Lottery/Trophies
      1. Small but cool additions.

    Some additions that could be cool to see on MCC: (Leave feedback below)
    1. Fishing
      1. As fishing is now a big part of the economy, instead of just having lava lake fishing for similar rewards to the harvest hoe treasure hunter enchant. Create something new and unique with fishing. Maybe add a few lakes and different rods. Could even add some custom enchants for them
    2. Blocker Wand
      1. I'm not sure how people feel about introducing a wand to help build farms quicker. I came back last season for the last few weeks and placed over 10 double chests worth of dirt which was a bit annoying, then had to cultivate the land with a hoe and then plant seeds. I was thinking maybe a wand that would assist in helping you create super big farms, especially for those players who don't have compost bins and need to have extra huge farms
    3. Events
      1. Please add some new events. We only have envoy's or boss and it just gets repetitive. Can't currently think of any, suggest some down below.
    4. Change /is top ranking
      1. Make it so that /is top is not just calculated by island points. Island points could be part of the calculation, but maybe do a calculation of island points, mobs killed as an island, crops farming as an island, skill levels etc.
    5. Add another idea unique to MCC
      1. Most of the things added to MCC have already been done by other servers. It can still be based around farming/grinding but an idea that is unique to MCC. (Add Suggestions Below)
    6. Booster/Money Pounch changes: (Skyblock and Prison)
      1. Make it so charity boosters give more money each time the longer the server has been running. It's pretty sad if some new player buys one and everyone gets 1k every 3 minutes when most players are making so much more. I can agree 10k could be a lot to new players, but nearing the end of the seaon, more players tend to donate stuff to newer players to help them get started anyway.
      2. A suggestion could be the money from each goes up 5% or something each week the server has been out. I think a charity booster lasts 30 minutes, so currently gives 10k per person, per booster. Each week it would go up by $500. Money pouches would work the same way. For a 300k money pouch, it would go up by 15k a week. Considering how by this time most players who started early in the season would make millions a day, these small increments wouldn't impact too heavily. If you wouldn't like to just straight up increase the money given, you could expand the higher range that could potentially be given
    7. Gem Vendor changes:
      1. Make it so the skill amplifier upgrades with robot gems affect all island members no matter where they are.
      2. If no to the above, at least a QOL change for the farming message. Currently, it says "Receive bonus EXP whilst training your farming skill on this island". You are unable to farm on your nether island.
    8. Exact percentage change on items:
      1. Instead of saying chance of something, I would like to see exact chances. For example farmer, token luck and decap custom enchants all say "chance" but not what the chance is exactly. It would be nice to have more transparency of what the actual chances are of the enchants to proc.
    9. Remove bots:
      1. Self-explanatory

    Thanks for reading,
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  3. Ex_Pendable

    Nov 4, 2019
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    Jack o'lanterns are the cheapest form of lighting that a new struggling farm can generate on its own with better placement than just ordinary torches - and you've disabled that so people will have to get the Snow Golem generators. There's no mention in the change log that this the only way you'll be able to get carved pumpkins.

    To get one, you need an ancient or myth key. $$$

    And it's not listed in the tiers of spawners. You'd think it would be at least a tier 1.
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  4. Incarnati0n_

    Jul 22, 2019
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    Another Idea could be an XP shop. Currently, 3 days into the map I have probably got over 2m xp with nothing to spend it on other than enchanting which basically uses nothing. This would also give more incentive to grind mobs and have players create good xp farms during the season. Rewards could be split with an updated mob shop if ever done
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  5. Pillaa

    Aug 3, 2019
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    Hey, I was giving myself time to experience my first Skyblock season, and here is my feedback on a few topics based on that experience:

    I felt like the farming aspect of the /c challenges was way too easy to complete (minus the pumpkin and melon aspect), and I felt like the slayer challenges were far too hard given that the loot gathered from mobs such as endermen, is completely worthless other than the envoy event. I would like to see an increase in the number of crops needed for farming challenges, and less mob slayer challenges, given that the slayer challenges take far too long for the dragon spawner reward than they are worth.

    Mob Armor
    Overall, I felt like mob armor really just did not serve much of a purpose to skyblock overall. Sure, with the passing stages it can help you to get a lot of mob coins, I simply felt like mob coins did not yield any rewards worth working towards. The auto sell chest being added in the season definitely worked in the right direction towards making mob armor worth the head grind to get, but unfortunately the other rewards were just less than worthless.

    As far as events went, I felt like they were extremely repetitive. Given that Boss and Envoy are the only two events every day, I feel like a new event could be added, as prison has envoy/boss/LMS. Given that skyblock is usually played by people who normally would not step foot in pvp, I feel like it could be a quick event such as first to complete the parkour, or even the event that has four ladders on each side of a tower and people can knock each other off, or even spleef. All are very simple and would make a great addition to the skyblock, given that none are truly pvp oriented, and would be very fun.

    Key Rewards
    I was extremely happy when I saw the addition of all common rewards in ancient and mythical keys. This allowed for many players, including myself, to get great loot out of the money we had spent on the keys, and made it seem like we actually had a decent chance at getting something great that would normally be labelled Epic or Legendary. I would like to see the voting keys change to this as well, I feel like many people would definitely vote more often if the chances of receiving good loot apart from experience and diamonds.

    While I could go on for hours about many more topics that I have enjoyed, most of those have already been covered on this thread. I would love to hear everyone's ideas on what I posted above!

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