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Reset for Kitmap

Discussion in 'KitPvP General Discussion' started by PainfulStrafer, Jul 9, 2024.



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  1. PainfulStrafer

    Jul 24, 2019
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    So as we all know the kitpvp has been let’s be honest sad in the amount of players. It’s a great server and the only one i really care to play and i know that’s the case for a lot of others. But no one cares to play when there is not even 10 people on in one time. I think to help this have a faster rotation on the reset will revamp it like day 1. The rush of starting new and getting overpowered grabs everyone and this could be in a constant state if it becomes a 3 months season! I think resetting the map very soon and maybe even making a 90 day or 3 month period will revive this server! Please give it some thought i would love to see people playing this again!

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