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Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by whydidigetmuted, Apr 23, 2021.

  1. whydidigetmuted

    Sep 25, 2020
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    Okay it doesn't suck jk, but I do want to make suggestions and pin point lot of FLAWS on the server because I've been playing prisons and minecraft for as long as my daddy's been beatin me til i bled out dry and had to cry myself to sleep to feel better.

    Ahh PRISON, a place where prisoners are held captive...
    and there will always be another that is amongst us; government, authority, friend, or foe.

    1) Mining Areas
    I have never been so fuckin bored with a server in my entire life. There is nothing or nowhere interesting other than /p h and /warp pvp and that's truly sad. For a server to be so big, yet each Mine from A-Z only lies 2-4 people. It's as if the server caters on to the people's pleasure of making things easier for them rather than the challenge to make things difficult to achieve and make people want to play more.

    The Suggestion: Why not make PVP zones in each mines (not including the mine itself) so that everyone can engage in PVP rather than just the boring ole /warp pvp. mine's A,B and C could be more starter friendly then going downwards to D-Z you have to protect your ores with all your heart in order to get to the ore shop which is across the PVP zone. Honestly going to every Rank and there is no PVP areas? are you kidding me? with that much safe zones how is it possible that we could be preventing a winner from reaching the top? I say we create a PVP zone between the SAFE zone that we spawn in, and the MINING area after you have crossed the DANGER ZONE.

    2) PvP Area
    The only place you can PVP is /warp PVP which means out of EVERYBODY who PLAYS on this SERVER, is going against gangs of immortal kit and what not and to me that is so unfair. If this server continues to just cater to a donor audience I'm sure even the donors would get bored of playing this server as well. Want to know why? It's very disengaging when people who are trying to play legit without donor ranks and perks to enjoy winning against people who can spawn items like that every time.

    The Suggestion: Why not make the PVP arena bigger with much more entrances than just one? There is so many Gang campers going around just chasing no skins rather than opening up a more wide arena where you can spot someone from the distance and make your escape or make the kill without being bothered by another gang because this arena is so small you cant even make a run for it.

    3) Flint and Steel
    Honestly the good ole flint and steel the most useful device to bring down any weak foe or have revenge on someone you're stalking... Yet they make the device useless... it's accessible in /shop and it's as cheap as dirt.
    If were in prisons why can't we have more choices of weapons?

    The Suggestion: Enable ignite and make flint and steel almost impossible to obtain but once you have it's a very rare item that you wouldn't want to lose or if you do lose it then... good luck.

    4) Fall damage
    Honestly the reason why I loved PRISON was because the way there was Fall Damage in Mines. Holy shit that was fun. Mining all the way down and trapping people to fall down in the mine was probably the funniest shit ever. Sure some people don't like it, waaaah It hurts my feelings, but it makes the server more challenging which makes it more harder to obtain ores making it difficult to reach the TOP which a GAME should BE.

    The Suggestion: Why not? Nobody ever quits, they just rage quit and come back.

    5) Muting
    Okay this is just me expressing out some bullshit I see on the server but HOLY CRAP, the mods in here ABUSE the FUCK outta the mute. I'm not gonna say who but I just WISH the owner took the time to study behavior rather than just make anyone a mod because these mature kids are just power hungry and ready to mute anyone which is annoying. I get this is a kid's game but holy shit this is not a pre school. If i can't curse somebody out without getting muted I feel like that's the most dumbest way to mute somebody's emotions. Let people HAVE AT IT!
    LET PEOPLE FIGHT! ITS A SERVER! THEY WILL DEFINITELY GET OVER IT! WHATS THE POINT OF MUTING? ONCE THEYRE UNMUTED THEY WILL JUST KEEP ON CURSING. EVEN I GET MUTED FOR THE DUMBEST SHIT LIKE SAYING THE WORD "SEX". The chat is for CHAT, muting someone for "spamming" or "chat flood" is so immature and childish. People talk and type fast, OH no woah hes typing fast I need to mute him because he could be dangerous... holy...


    Now I covered most of my part, although this might seem like an assholish post, IT doesnt matter to me because I stand by what I said for a --->Prison<--- server. I have nothing against Anti-scam plots or what not but I'm not on the side of "Oh no reveal and expose scammers" I really dont care whos a scammer or what not, if anything Scammers in the server make this server more fun and enjoyable that it already is. Most peopel will say "well why don't you play something else" Man i love the community its pretty cool but that's the thing, I could play any server right? Or i could stay, it's your choice it's my choice, It's a suggestion... Thank you for taking your time out to listen.
  2. Alansar_trignot

    Jul 23, 2019
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    ok, my thoughts on this, first, with the PVP within all mines would not be very liked as the people with good armor and stuff can just farm kills from the lower ranked people who just want to play the game as it is, so i say no thx to that.
    PVP Arena: yes, i could agree that it is a little bigger but not alot bigger, i remember back to one of the other seasons when i first joined MCC the lobby was surrounded by the PVP arena making the lobby sortof a giant ball, and there were 4 entrances to the PVP arena, it was alot of fun to actually because i just liked watching all the chaos unfold in pvp while i was ontop of the lobby (i used pearls to tp up there) so bigger, i guess, but id prefer it to go around the lobby, it was more appealing honestly...
    flint and steel: I dont use that in pvp since i dont pvp but maybe they removed it so that nothing anywhere can be set on fire, sortof to prevent major griefing on plots and the lobby.
    fall damage: sure, lets have fall damage, i can deal but it would also give feather falling a good place too making it to where like in pvp you have to be alot more careful
    Mute: the mods dont abuse mute actually, there are just people who prefer to argue alot and then get muted, its the person choice but also, people do /chatreport not the mods, the mods just look at the report then the person in question then decide if they are to be muted or not, its not a mod whos power hungry and if it is you can report them here https://mccentral.org/community/forums/reports-staff/ but i dont think that will be necessary as i havent ever seen or heard of a power hungry mod.
    i love prison though, its fun, mining is alotta fun too!
    have a good day/night!
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  3. zSeidouTakizawa

    Jul 12, 2020
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    There's a few things I agree about. I think the muting is MOSTLY fair though. Some of the reasons for people getting muted are a bit of a stretch but a lot of them are quite fair. I also agree with the PvP, and I'd like to add that I don't like how you are usually constantly chased for like multiple minutes until the person kills you, which just proves how bored the people in PvP are. Also this is more of a community problem than an actual server problem similar to the other point I made, so I guess there's no point in me saying it but killing nakeds which is like one of the points of PvP, gets you KOSed or just attacked and chase forever in general.
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  4. BlockyBeach

    Jun 14, 2020
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    Addressing your points:
    Mining areas: PvP in mines would be disliked broadly. The point of the mine is to get blocks to sell for money. Your griping about immortal ranked players killing people in /warp pvp would become a huge problem, and private mines would become really op and hard to get. Not to mention that pretty much noone would prestige if they didn't have connections with your proposed "gangs". (i.e. ranked players would be heavily favoured) (Also note that rookies can create gangs).
    Also people have sellshops at their plots which people can instantly warp to via /p h (plotname). Not everyone sells at the mine itself (in fact most people use sellshops or store ores for boosters).
    Note the grinding aspect of prison revolves around mining. Removing this changes prison fundamentally.

    PvP Area: Of course this could be changed. I agree with your multiple-entrance idea, however the drawback of this is the subsequent shape of the area, with either a ring (season 7) or horseshoe (season 8) shaped area, either letting people run forever, or leaving them stuck against gangs. Personally. I don't pvp much, but others may have differing opinions.

    Flint and steel: Problem with this is people can make flint and steel. Gravel can be purchased in the shop (and removing this would anger any builder type that wants to use it), and iron can be made from smelting ores found in mines or conversion into ingots from blocks in the donator mine. The levels of fortune enable a 100% drop rate of flint. Also, burning in pvp would be a problem regarding fireticks and burning the areas.
    Note that your idea of burning becoming OP would require all fire protection to be removed from armour (especially /kit armour for donators), causing a lot of people (about half the prison playerbase) to be annoyed (as they paid money for this stuff), or else this would be biased towards donators.
    Also, enchanted gapples would become the new currency of inflation due to their increased need in pvp. Not fun for rookies watching the prices. similar to tokens, spiral upwards and hit 100k per gapple (for example) on prison 1.

    Fall damage: Makes it more OP for people with /fly who donate. You already take damage in plots from falling. Additionally this would favour people able to enchant feather falling boots, which means they need XP, only available from voting (not in large amounts), keys, and spawners, all of which are biased towards ranked players. Rookies who bother to grind and end up with good pickaxes die much more commonly, resulting in people quitting (have you ever lost a 700k block, fortune 10 pickaxe? It hurts. A Lot.). Ladders do also exist, making this point moot (without ladders rookies and people without /fly would be severely disadvantaged).
    People do quit for various reasons, losing their stuff in a mine where they ought to be safe mining is one of them (hence why they added the no-drop for items in public mines).

    The muting rules in prison appear to be enforced correctly (as I have observed). The reasons for muting people may be a stretch, but these are explained in the rules. People chatreport with /chatreport ingame, it isn't the moderators that are completely responsible for this. Muting is there to prevent people from making the chat unusable (e.g. advertising bots on p1), rude or offensive (there are children playing this game and on this server) (note there is a lot of leeway for usage of expletives, just not targeting other people), or becoming a danger to themselves or others (e.g. strict DDOSing/DOXing rules).
    The mods do not abuse the system, the system is set up like this for a reason. If you think you have been unfairly punished, you can appeal at https://mccentral.org/community/forums/appeals/ , and if you think a staff member is abusing their power, you can report it at https://mccentral.org/community/forums/reports-staff/ .
    There are requirements to becoming a staff member that you can find out at https://mccentral.org/community/forums/apply/.
    Make sure to check the rules at https://mccentral.org/community/rules/ to find out what is and isn't muteable.

    Note I was once a rookie (for a whole two seasons), so I've had those experiences where ranked players clearly had an advantage economically and in pvp. I got to diamond rank through irl deals that can occur where people trade ingame items for irl (MCC) stuff like rank upgrades and keys. You can do this too.
    These are my opinions, feel free to respond.
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