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    Many times, staff will resign from the server and want to come back at a future date. We have a seperate process and application for these specific people. Below is all the information needed in regards to that application process, alongside the application URL.

    Additional Information:

    Must have been more than 30 days since you were previously on the staff team.
    All staff profile information is saved, no previous information will be cleared.
    Depending on the demand for staff, your application may be put on hold until there is a demand!
    Behavior while away from the staff team is a major deciding factor.
    Must have not have had any severe punishments while away from the staff team.
    Must be active before reapplying (Forums, In-Game, Etc).
    Familiarise yourself with updated server rules, they may have changed since you were last staff!
    If you have not been a part of the staff team in the past 90 days, you are not guaranteed your previous staff rank.

    Click Here to submit a Previous Staff application

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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