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    We are already over 1.5 moths into the new 12th season of Prison. I thought I would share my general view some of the additions and changes:

    1. I really like how the Prisoner of Mass Destruction (pmd) was revided in this new season. This feature, that I perosnally was not using almost at all (maybe 1-2 times in generall) because it literally had nothing beneficial to offer to me, is now linked to the new wyvern spawner feature (more thoughts on it in next point) and is now the main way to start and maximize the income of completely new ingame currency, wyvern crystals. There is one thing I personally dislike and find frustrating with the pmd though, the ticketing system. To fully maximize the income of crystal (which means getting all 6 minions), one has to destroy 3.25mil blocks with the use of very limited number of tickets. The amount of time, that one ticket can be used for, can be increased up to 10 minutes...but whenever you choose to use your ticket and you start using the pmd, the counter starts counting the time. Now whenever you want to talk with others in chat or waste your time in ticket, wanna/has to do antyhing else than using have to waste your ticket, you have your ticket duration maxed out to 10 minutes and have to leave earlier...waste your ticket. There are two ways that could be improved in my opinion: a. Just add a pause button. Lets say whenever you are using your ticket (its duration can be maxed 10 minutes) you can hit pause button, which leads to dismounting of the pmd. The working time counter could be then stopped but there could be a second counter that allows you to use the ticket within lets say 30 minutes after initializing the pmd. b. Change the ticketing system into the general time system that you can use your pmd for. The wheel of fortune could still give you from 1 to 7 tickets based on what reward you get, but then the system could transfer it into the time (lets say you have your pmd upgraded the way that 1 tickets allows you to use pmd for 4 minutes, then getting for example 3 from wheel of fortune could give you 3x4mins=12minutes that could be added into your general pool. If you could use your pmd for 33 minutes currently, now after WOF it's 33+12=45minutes that you can use your pmd for). That system could allow you in a simple way to use your pmd for any singular amount of the time that you want. Whatever amount of the time that you were using the PMD for, could be simply substracted from the general pool after dismounting pmd.

    2. Upgradeable wyvern spawner. You can have only one of them per 1 mine. They can be upgraded with the use of the wyvern crystals, which can be obtained via pmd shop. Wyvern spawner brings in a completely new currency, crystals, that can are produced by minions. A maxed out spawner is not a very good source of money, its main feature though is providing the player with the significant number of prison tokens. It should allow tokens to be an easier obtainable and more common item especially near the end of the season when there is a less number of active players.

    3. Decreased discount that cm gives you to max 25%. I suggested that during the previous season. 50% discount made it way too easy to reach Z9, since it's 50% and rankup prices double up it's like hitting Z8 instead of Z9. Max discount at the level 25% seems to be much more optimal number.

    4. I am still for making rewards for ranking up cm more valuable. There were no changes reagarding this topic this season. Like whenever someone passes 40lvl: lets be honest that getting a stack of robot gems, singular spawner, beacon, rename scroll or 5mil are kinda joke rewards after mining for a few weeks.

    5. A feature of splitting up sell wands is a really good addition, freat it was implemented as suggested in feedback for previous season.

    6. New plot next to the mine is an awesome and very, very practicall feature added this season and it has to definetely stay for the seasons to come. It not only gives a player just an additional space but also allows to build a different between two separate spaces, like practicall/storage/grinding systems on plot and decoration purpose buildings on the mine that do not disturb each other. On top of that new feature I would suggest to allow to trust/ban player separately on the mine and on the plot, like creating a commands as follows; /p mine ban(trust) name or /p plot ban (trust) name.

    7. Cm max lvl 50. After reachin the lvl 50 cm kinda starts to be useless, it still leaves for expeditions but that's basically it. Maybe there could be a possibility to add a standard reward for each next expedition like random: tokens, robot gems, money or whatever. Also right now I'm sure that at least 20 people have maxed out their cms including me, it's kinda useless to display under the /stats a ranking based on cm lvl cuz there will be 20+ people ex aequoon 1st place, it would be much more better to exchange it for "number of expeditions completed" ranking.

    8. I personally would like to exchange an expedition feature with just a cooldown feature for lvling up cm. Like I would like my cm to move around me whole time, but instead since I am mining a lot, the cm is rarely near by my character.

    9. Increase the max lvl of the pickaxe and add a new ability to it, maybe like finding treasures with hoe on skyblock. I think it would be a really interesting and fun addition

    10. Make tips giving more money. When it's like 2 months into season, getting 10k tip is really small amount of money.

    11. Maybe since there is a new feature as cm, there could be a sixth reward on wheel of fortune: cm lvl up booster that for example makes it gather the required number of scraps faster.

    12. A follow up of point 9. Add 8th robot to be obtainable on the pmine after reaching 15mil blocks broken and add a new pmine upgrade regarding a booster for cm that makes it gather scraps faster

    13. Add an ability to manage warps/homes set up within your own pmine (for example delete/disable the home/warp that other player set up within the grinder on your own mine etc.).
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