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Would you enjoy having name tags that could be earned by completing achievements?

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    Hey all! I have an idea for name tags that add a little more personality to the player. The current seasonal nametags are a great addition, but I feel like having the ability to earn name tags would be a really neat addition to the server. I think subserver specific nametags for accomplishing certain achievements could be a motivational feature to do certain types of, perhaps previously underutilized, content. There could be unique tags, earned by being the first or best at something, and normal tags, earned by accomplishing certain tasks. Here are some examples of what I am thinking of for Prison (the server I am most familiar with) that could be used similarly for other subservers.

    Normal Prison Tags:

    1. Miner - Achieved by hitting 5 million blocks mined
    2. Fearless - Defeating a certain amount of dungeon waves in a single dungeon
    3. Slayer - Kill 1000 players in PvP
    4. Farmer - Achieve a certain amount of animals in your barn
    5. Entrepreneur - Achieving a 1 billion dollar balance
    6. Shameless - Open a total of 50 Ancient/Mythical Keys
    7. Mentor - Reach Max Cellmate Level
    8. Famous - Reach Max Pmine Level

    Unique Prison Tags:

    1. Speedrunner - First Person in a season to Prestige
    2. Top Dog - End the Season with the Highest /baltop
    3. Insane - First to Reach Z9
    4. Feared - End the Season with the Most Kills
    5. No Sleep - End the Season with the Most Blocks Mined
    6. Clown - End the Season with the Most Wheel of Fortune Spins.

    These are just a few of my ideas. I think unique nametags would be a huge motivator to keep playing even late in to the season. I am open to any discussion on this topic and would love to see other name tag suggestions people have in the comments!
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