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    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is well. As you may have noticed, we have not released a Newspaper Issue for almost a whole year. I am very sorry for the lack of Newspaper issues, but I speak for every contributor that has worked on the Newspaper here: We unfortunately cannot allocate enough time each month to the Newspaper, added on to the exchange of work and the outcome it receives; we have not been getting many views on the Newspaper in the most recent issues, and we feel as though we can halt operations here and, for the betterment of our server, dedicate our time elsewhere.


    I want to personally thank every contributor, even if you joined the Newspaper and never made it on an issue. Here is a list of our past Newspaper contributors followed by the amount of issues they worked on!

    | @AcceptedAppeal | 20
    | @Swaggle | 12
    | @Vervain | 7
    | @Muel | 7
    | @Twizzrel | 6
    | @AnimatedFox | 5
    | @KingKottlewing | 2
    | @Glissando | 2
    | @bea | 1
    | Administrators who led the Media Team Newspaper: @Alorulz, @Unadvised, and @Swaggle
    | ...and even to those who did not make it on an issue: @Nikki_, @Darenn, @89p, @kvng_steph, and @Mauricioh


    Good news! If you did enjoy the Newspaper and other aspects of the MCCentral Media Team, we will always be releasing new posts on our various social media platforms, namely Discord, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. You can find our official social media below to keep updated on future media from the team. This subforum including the Newspaper is now archived material, and there will be no future updates on the Newspaper; however, you can always view the 20 issues we did release in this subforum until further notice.


    Our most active social medias:
    | YouTube ⠀              Click here
    | Twitter ⠀⠀⠀    Click here
    | Instagram            Click here
    | Discord                                  Click here

    I have created a thread regarding the Newspaper in the off-topic subforum! Click here. You can add your final thoughts there! I will be commenting on this thread if you have any questions, want to know any fun-facts about the Newspaper, etc. I can answer those all!

    .・。.・゜✭・Thank you everyone!・✭・゜・。.
    .・。.・゜✭ ...that's a wrap! ✭・゜・。.
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