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    What Is Lifesteal?
    Lifesteal is a brand new PvP experience based on the latest Minecraft version (1.19). Situated in a no-claiming Survival world, players must create a base, team up with a clan and fight for their survival! Kill another player and you will steal their hearts. Be careful though! If you lose all of your hearts, you will be death-banned for 48 hours.​

    Hearts are like lives. Each player starts off with 10 hearts & a heart is lost each time you die from a player and one is gained when you kill a player. Once a player runs out of hearts it will result in a death ban for 48 hours. To get a reduced death ban time you can also purchase a rank from the MCC Store.

    Players are able to withdraw their hearts into a physical item for trading by using the command /withdrawhearts <amount> (It is important to note that you can not withdraw your starting 10 hearts).

    The PvP outpost is a clan based PvP event which runs 24/7. The goal is to gather all of your clan members and conquer the hill, fighting off anyone who stands in your way! Once the hill is captured to 100% the clan whom is currently controlling the outpost will receive epic buffs and rewards.

    King Of The Hill:
    This event will take place 1 once day, rewarding the winner with an event key. King of The Hill is located in outside the spawn area, you may also do /warp koth. The goal is to be the first person to stand in the hill for 5 consecutive minutes.

    Clans are a way that you can chat with your friends and fight as a team against other clans. Other features that come along with clans is having a clan bank, where all members can either deposit or withdraw money. You can also have clan allies which you can fight with them against other clans in PvP.

    • /clan help [page] - View all of the clan commands
    • /clan Create <name> - Create a new clan
    • /clan Invite <player> - Invite a player to the clan
    • /clan Info [clan] - View a clans information
    • /clan list [clan] [page] - View all the players in a clan
    • /clan leader <player> - Transfer Leadership
    • /clan chat - Toggle your chat to clan mode
    • /clan upgrade - View all available clan upgrades
    • /clan kick <player> - Kick a player from the clan
    • /clan tag <tag> - Changes a clan name
    • /clan promote <player> - Promote a member to officer
    • /clan demote <player> - Demote a officer to member
    • /clan bank - Open your clans money bank
    • /clan deposit <amount> - Deposit money to the bank
    • /clan withdraw <amount> - Withdraw money from the bank
    • /clan chest - Access the virtual clan chest
    • /clan ally <clan> - Request a clan to become allies
    • /clan neutral <clan> - Remove ally back to neutral
    • /clan focus <player> - Focus an online player
    • /clan unfocus - Remove the focus from a player
    • /clan perms - Edit your clan permissions
    • /clan leave - Leave your current clan
    • /clan disband - Permanently disband the clan

    Tip: instead of writing /clan you can also do /c.
    For example: /c chest

    You can obtain money by:
    • Selling Items to /shopKilling Players (with a bounty)
    • Treasure Chests
    • Voting
    • Coin Flip
    You can use money on:
    • Buying Items from /shop
    • Head Shop
    • Bounties
    • Clan Upgrades
    • Coin Flip
    • Purchasing items from Auction House
    Heart Containers:
    You can obtain Hearts by:

    • Killing other players
    • /kit hearts
    • Buying from /shop
    • Purchasing from Auction House
    You can obtain Coins from:
    • Voting on Forums
    You can use coins to:
    • Purchase Cosmetics

    Auction House:
    The Auction House is a quick way to sell items to players only, you can access auction house from anywhere. You can list up to 5 auctions at a time, if your auction is not purchased within 24 hours it will be sent to your collection bin. You can access the auction house via /auctionhouse or /ah for short; you can also access your collection bin and pending auctions here. Be aware that items in Collection Bin will clear after some time, remember to collect.

    Voting Keys and Rewards are obtained by voting on the MCC Website. You can vote daily with 4 different links to receive your Keys & Rewards.

    • Vote Keys: You can open vote keys at spawn using the Treasure Chest or by doing /key
    • Voting Villager: You can claim your daily vote rewards by doing /vote & clicking on the minecart chest.

    Coinflips is a gambling system that allows you to bet in-game money on which side the coin lands on with another player. Who's ever side it lands on wins the amount of money betted from the other player and vice versa. Upon winning, 10% will be reduced and paid to "The House". You can view a list of opened coinflips via /coinflip or /cf for short.

    Headshop is a place where you can buy various type of heads for decoration around your base or wherever you like. You can access the headshop by doing /shop or buying from the NPC at spawn.

    Bounties are the best way to put a target on your enemies head! By placing a bounty on another player, it will encourage other players to target them inside the wilderness. To access the bounty menu use the command /bounty

    Coin Shop:
    Coin Shop is a way to buy Cosmetics. There are 3 categories of Cosmetics containing many to unlock. There are Projectile Trails which are for bows, pearls, snowballs, firework rockets & more. There is also Death Effects which when dying you explode with items for a cool effect & lastly Death Cries which makes a sound effect expressing your feelings when you die. To access the Coin Shop you can find the NPC at Spawn or do /coinshop. To obtain coins you can vote via Forums & claim your vote rewards using the Voting Villager by doing /vote.

    Custom Items:
    • Spawner Wrenches: Used to break Spawners that are found in the wilderness. Obtainable by purchasing in /shop for $150,000 each & only have 2 uses.

    • Bottle: Ability to use /bottle command, to bottle EXP.
    • Increased Auction Limit: Increases the number of auctions you can have at a time from 5 to 15. Obtainable via Ancient treasure chests.
    • Virtual Private Chests: Grants you access to two 6 x 9 virtual chests. It can be accessed via /chest or /pv. Obtainable via Mythical treasure chests.
    • Hearts: Ability to use /kit hearts once every 24 hours.

    If you notice anything missing or needs to be changed, feel free to message me on Discord

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