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    Hey! It's your favorite prison player with a bunch of suggestions for next season. I would love feedback so I can improve this list.


    Prison gets kind of boring after a month, due to the same thing over and over. Implementing side quests like on skyblock would be a good way to add a wider variety of things for players to do. For example, a quest can be killing 100 smugglers in /warp pvp, and the reward would be 5 prison tokens. There would be 3 difficulties of quests, easy, medium and hard. Players will have 8 hours to complete the easy, 24 to complete the medium, and 3 days for the hard.

    Prison Tokens

    Prison tokens arent very useful as of right now, only getting you a few custom enchants. They become prety much useless afterwards. There's a few ways to fix this so prison tokens can be more useful.

    1. Add new special enchantments to pickaxes requiring prison tokens to upgrade. For example, a vein miner enchant that gets better the more its upgraded.

    2. Add a token chest crate key. This special crate key will have special rewards, like beacons, exp, sell wands, and more!

    3. Adding custom enchants. A list of enchants I think would be cool and great additions is listed below.

    - Frost - Enchantment for a bow - After being struck by an arrow with this enchant, you may receive a slowness 2 affect for (blank) amount of time.

    - Vampire - Applicable to Swords - Have a small chance after attacking a player to take away a small percentage of their hp.

    - Last Resort - Chestplate - Last resort coms in play when you are at 5 hearts or lower. Receive a strength 1, speed 2, and regen 1 buff for 5 seconds. This ability has a X% chance to destroy your chestplate after the ability being used. This ability may not appear every time.

    - Blindness - Helmet - Have a small chance to be blinded by attack someone with this enchant on their helmet.

    Confusion - Helmet - Have a small chance of getting nausea by attacking someone with this enchant on their helmet

    (Blind or Confusion cannot stack)

    The Wilderness Mine

    I personally dont think the wilderness mine is worth mining in, due to the high risk low reward factor. Beacons spawn their ever so frequently, so I would think adding loot chest in the mine would be a good idea. These loot chests would contain small prizes like money, pvp items, pickaxe experience, or more. There would be 1-2 chest per reset, and this would give players more of a use to mine in the wilderness.

    A New PvP Arena and Spawn

    The current pvp arena is way too large and the spawn has been the same for a while now. I think adding a more prison feel into the spawn and pvp arena would be a lot better. For example, adding a court yard pvp arena would be pretty neat and a bunch of jail cells in /spawn .

    Arcade Games

    This idea by far is probably the largest idea. A new idea called "Arcade games" is just as it seems. Using in game cash, or tokens generated from mining or obtained in other ways, players will be able to enjoy a different feel other then the same minecraft. Games would involve darts, (shooting moving objects with a bow), Mazes (multiplayer game), Horse Racing, (each player is given a different horse and the fastest one wins), and Bow Battle, a minigame involving bow boosting. The first player to cross the finish line by bow boosting wins!

    (This idea is more of a minigame idea, but prizes would revolve around cosmetics and prison items)

    Boss Battle

    This idea is fairly simple. Give a cash reward to players in second and third place after defeating a boss. This way, players are more encouraged to do the boss.

    New Event

    A new exclusive prison event, called Riot. Joining this event will lead to you being in a prison type place. The objective is to escape by creating a riot and escaping the prison. The player with the most damage after rioting the most (doing damage to guards, dogs, etc) will be the winner and receive an event key after escaping with the group.

    I would love to hear your guys feedback on all these suggestions, that way I can improve all of them and we can make this the best we possibly can.
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    From the perspective of the eco player: I don't really know about the prison token part of the article. Tokens are as of now a vital part of the gameplay being used for: 1. as mentioned above, getting custom enchants but also for 2. repairing stuff on enchantment tables near the spawn 3. upgrading bps, which takes a lot of tokens while having 20+ bps that one wants to upgrade to 6k+plus capacity. 4. And the main use of tokens is buying spawners with them. Which with high goals set can cost even up to ~72 dub chests of tokens needed in order to acquire 5k spawners and 144 dub chests in order to reach the limit of the spawners. It can literally take up to the length of the season to acquire such an amount of tokens even with the use of 5-6 maxed out wyvern spawners and good time spent on mining. Introducing wyvern spawners to the gameplay 2 seasons ago caused even bigger focus and complexity to the topic of acquiring as much tokens as possible in the most efficient way. I don't really know about the vein miner enchantment on the pickaxe, like I don't know what exactly it could do, from the name "vein miner" I could assume mining a bigger area of blocks at once what is actually already implemented with the Blast Mine enchantment on the pickaxe, which, alongside Fortune enchantment, serve to collect more ores into the player's inventory in shorter amount of time. I already shared an idea for the new pickaxe enchantment on one of the latest prison feedback posts which is adding treasure hunter feature, just as it is implement on the premium hoes in Skyblock. The bigger the enchantment's lvl, the bigger is the chance to mine out valuable items while mining, Renamescrolls, random books, the exact items could be discussed within admin team. That would definetely be a fresh addition to the pickaxe that could make it more interesting. The token chest crate key is not described in much details, just as it was with vein miner idea, if the keys were supposed to be get with tokens I would honestly be against this idea really because at the current state in my opinion tokens have enough ways to be used on and any other ideas that may try to direct the focus on other things that require to spend tokens on, might just be ignored by eco players. In my opinion as of now the main users of tokens and the are eco players and in vast majority they are the ones that mine out and bring tokens into the economy in big quantities so I dared to describe it from eco player perspective but the topic is of course opened to be brainstormed :)

    As of now, from the perspective of eco player, wilderness mine has literally zero benefits that could be anywhere close in bringing me to mine in the wilderness mine. On private mine there are plenty of bonuses like, bonus blocks, bonus pick exps, bonus tokens. Players also tend to place beacons on their mines giving others speed and haste perks which help with more efficient mining. The loot chest idea sounds to me really like doubling up the envoy event that occurs frequently in the pvp area.

    I am not a pvp player on prison subserver so I can not really share any constructive thoughts on custom enchantments described above because they mainly refer to pvp part of the gameplay but nevertheless an addition of new custom enchantments would not be a bad idea.
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    Here is my feedback:

    I like this suggestion, this was previously suggested for the current season but there is only enough time to dedicate towards certain content, but I would like to see this in the upcoming season.

    Prison Tokens: In my opinion Prison Tokens actually are useful. Last season was a season where they were not hence why there was a nerf in wyvern spawners and now they are a lot harder to get & more expensive. Eco wise the price of them went up extremely quickly to a point where people were buying/selling for a insane amount. I think for how tokens are now is how it should either stay or possibly another way to obtain more. If you were to add those ideas that you added like the special enchants for pickaxe, token chest key and so on, there would be another way to get them otherwise it will increase the price of tokens themselves to a insane amount.
    - The Special Enchants: I think pickaxes should stay the way they are, in a way is this directed to normal pickaxes or upgradable pickaxes? What is your 'idea' of vein miner? what would that involve and what is the purpose/benefit?
    - Token Crate Key: I do like this idea, but maybe not for tokens in particular, maybe another item that is already obtainable or a new item you can grind
    - Custom Enchants: Yes, new ones would be cool but the ones you have listed modifies a lot of vanilla pvp which I think majority of players prefer. If there were more custom enchants to be added for pvp related things, I think it would be cool to bring in some that were originally in KitPvP like Fire Resistance, Hellforged & some other enchants, but ones that only benefit the player themselves during the fight instead of effecting the damage etc put on other players.

    The Wilderness Mine: I agree that the pvp mine does not give as much benefit, especially to higher ranked players. Once you get to a certain rank for it is no longer more profitable. I do like the idea of adding loot chests when mining to encourage more people to mine there to also encourage more pvp but I feel like there could be other ways also to encourage more people to mine there.

    Pvp Area/Spawn: From what I have heard, a lot of players like the current map but yes, It is big. I cannot really give much feedback on this one but a decent map will be looked into I am sure.

    Arcade Games: This is a cool idea, I feel like its a little fun replacement for the no longer existing minigames. The items you could receive by winning these arcade games could be bringing in a new cool way to obtain items other than mining, grinding contraband etc.

    Boss Battle: Adding a cash reward has already implemented (unless its changed), if not yes I agree.

    New Event: This is a cool idea, but so far I feel like there is already enough events that people enjoy, I feel like if there was a new event added one other may have to be taken out. There has been 2 new events this season already which has gone well in my opinion.

    Hope you like my feedback, let me know if you want to discuss further with these suggestions.

    - Kye
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    MCC is late to the party compared to other servers for content. One of these things includes /gang top which for some reason on MCC is calculated by kills? Like uhm make it blocks mine or plot value for gang top already please.

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