Information How to write in colours (Chat and Signs)

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    How to write in colours (Chat and Signs)
    In order to make your text coloured, you have to use colour codes. These are codes which have the symbol & in front of them. You can use these in chat, signs or with some commands, such as /rename.

    To write in colours in chat, you have to be Diamond rank or higher. If you want to write in colours in signs on Creative, Skyblock, Survival, Prison or Factions servers, you have to be Coal rank or higher. However, no rank can use the formatting codes, such as italics in signs. Diamond and higher can use these in chat though. Both colour and formatting codes work for the /rename command on Creative. This command can be used by players with Immortal rank.

    The colour codes are from &0-9 and &a-f. Write them in front of your text. Here is the picture of the colour codes.


    The formatting codes can be used to make your text look different. These can be combined with colour codes or used without them.

    &k - Random characters, Spinning text
    &l - Bold Bold
    &m - Strikethrough Strikethrough
    &n - Underline Underline
    &o - Italics Italics
    &r - Reset.

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