How to Revive Prison. Oracy's Perspective.

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  1. Oracy

    Mar 25, 2020
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    We can all agree minecraft isn't what it once was.
    Player counts have dropped, people aren't as active. This could be used as a valid reason for MCC decline in players or could it be other options?
    Minecraft without a doubt has declined in numbers over the years which is nautral. Its bound to happen but MCC has one of the most loyal player bases I have ever seen within a game. Nearly 2 years without touching MCC I joined back and I was happily greeted by many familiar names and players.

    I've noticed many OG players expressing the frustrations that have been growing amongst the years. The server atleast in my opinion feels dry. ver y bare with not many gameplay options to choose from

    I understand its fairly hard to entirely change the gameplay of Prisons which without a doubt is a very grindy gamemode however this season has been absolutely ruined.

    First Objective - EXCAVATORS
    Now without a doubt this is the biggest problem this season has is the excavators.

    100m a day is absolutely unreal for how easily it is to achieve this milestone. We are roughly a week 1/2 into the season and people are earning hundreds of millions a day from AFKing. Don't get me wrong I have no issue with the AFK aspect of Prison if it involved SPAWNERS. Spawners are useless this season, Yes I said it. The numbers prove it all.

    So let's just use the rough example of one Silverfish spawner producing give or take $15,000 Every real life hour of being afk, Silverfish Spawners cost roughly 7.5-10m Each.

    So $15,000 x 24 = $360,000. 100,000,000 Div
    360,000 = 277.77 = 278 Spawners

    278 x $7.5M = 2B + to make 100m a day

    Now let's look at excavators

    Excavators cost roughly 6.9M Essence or 9000 Refined parts but we will make this easy and say its 7 million essence for one.

    AT THE CURRENT TIME - Essence sells from 1m/10k - 1.2m/10k we will use the highest price,

    1.2 M x 700 = $840,000,000 Million

    Without a doubt any player with a brain would choose to max out excavators over spawners because you can achieve the same amount of AFK money for more than 50% less of the cost. yet all the other problems that come with spawners aswell such as Prestige Cap, Spawner Limit, Hopper Limit, Building the spawner and having a afk account or Chunk Loader. it makes it a no brainer to max out excavators.

    Second Objective - Pay To Win
    To start I have absolutely nothing against servers offering advantages to players in exchange for benefit, I understand bills need to be paid and the server costs money. However there is so many things that could be changed that could benefit both the free to play players and pay to win players.

    For a new player joining MC Central Prison today I guarantee they will not stick around for longer than 3 days. New players have no chance against a ranked player, Immortals 2.5x Sell boost makes it impossible for any non-ranked player to run a plot ore shop or really have any benefit of mining at all passed selling to a ore shop on the server (making the rich richer)

    Solution - Make sell boosters $5 and remove any ranked sell booster entirely.

    This will -
    A - Cause more boosters to be bought,
    B - Benefit everyone on the server,
    C - Make Mr. Marky more money.


    - Non - Ranked or Emerald/Diamond below players have absolutely 0 ability to mine efficiently. Yeah absolutely they can grind out a maxed pic and farm but they have no ability to fly which increases mining efficieny tremendously. This once again gives paid players a massive advantage over those who don't.

    Solution - Add flytime within packages, Every vote = 30m of flytime = 2 Hours a day of free fly time.

    This will give free to play players the ability to decently compete and keep up with ranked players, increase server votes which will increase server exposure and increase player counts.


    I believe that creating another form of virtual currency for the server would be a very attractive feature for the server,

    Let's say we create a voucher currency that can only be used on MCC webstore and let's call it

    Players can trade and recieve central cash in exchange for ingame goods or whatever it may be, Players have the ability to redeem this Central Cash for vouchers.

    How do you disperse Central Cash?

    A player wins an event? $1 Central Cash

    A player votes for the server? - $0.01 Central Cash

    A player makes a purchase on the webstore - Earns %Bonus Central Cash for the purchase

    Without a doubt this will attract more F2P players as it gives them a goal, it gives them motivation to log on every single day, vote, play and be active within the community to earn a rank,

    Now I understand the argument to this feature would be that they would lose player purchaes,
    however I dont think that would be the option, This feature would increase player counts and let's be real, majority of people are lazy and don't want do slow long grinds, those players will spend money on ranks for slight advantages over those who don't.
    For the players who actually are willing to grind and put the time in they will be able to achieve these goals entirely free from grinding.

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  2. xEthzn

    Oct 14, 2020
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    I like this, great ideas. I would suggest to the owners to begin doing math on each meta to figure out what is too op and what is not. I know that excavators last season were not used because they simply were equal to a silverfish spawner, which players would rather have spawners than multiple plots of excavators. I'm unsure if the owners realized how much they buffed them but just simply doubling a money maker is unreasonable and the math isn't hard to figure out how easy players will be making money. Although, I don't mind the boosted economy :) .

    As for keys, I believe they need a major revamp. I came into this season after not playing for a while and opened keys hoping for backpacks (which was the main thing you would hope for) just to realize you can get them VERY easily out of essence shop (which is nice). It made me wonder why I bought keys in the first place because I really didn't need anything that was even available from the keys. (possibly adding a new aspect/item to the game that players will actually do for eco, sorta like abyss but another way to make good money through grind)

    I agree with the fact that unranked players without fly simply can't play this server. I believe it isn't a HUGE problem giving rookies fly (as done on skyblock, which was a good addition) BECAUSE there isn't alot of new players buying ranks just for fly. Realistically, everyone that is eco playing right now already has the ability to fly, I know it can come with some upsets from people mentioning that they spent their money to fly and now everyone can fly. Honestly I think that doesn't matter and they can suck it up, exactly what happened with skyblock. No one new to the server is going to spend ridiculous amounts of money to get started. If they can fly and mine as efficient as everyone else, then they look at the perks of the ranks, for example the multiplier on ore selling prices. which will end up in more rank purchases in my opinion.

    lmk what you guys think , also good thread to oracy :)
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  3. Voxol

    Mar 31, 2024
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    I started playing this season and have unfortunately fallen into the silverfish trap as I had no idea about excavators and just thought Bear/Silverfish spawners where the only way to make passive money.

    I sometimes spend 10 hours a day just farming essence for SF spawners, backpacks and other things and its kinda disheartening to hear that I could have already had a maxed out excavator if I went that route, sure the SF are nice but im not making a tonne per day from them.

    It doesn't help that with fly and the sell booster someone with a higher rank then me can effectively get 3x as much progress for the same amount of playtime, that's incredibly P2W and there is currently no way ingame to bridge that gap, I cant just save up $50m and buy a fly perk or a sell boost off the AH.
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