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    I have had my chunk loader since the first day of the season, and it worked fine until day 30 or so. Then my drops seemed to have stopped (this morning being the worst, for 62 magmas I got 170k for 10 hours). Since the goal of chunk loaders is to make it so we can log off and come back to the same amount of drops we would have made afking, this is appalling to me. I had to spend $100s to even be able to get the chunk loader and then I get it and it doesn't work?

    Notes: Since I have seen this issue being addressed in discord, I just want to say I have moved my chunk loader, make a whole new spawner set-up for it, and this is also only an issue for the magmas on my plot.
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    Recently we found out the reason as to why this may happen to you & It is because the way you have built your grinder most likely. When using a chunk loader, the CL only sees what is inside that chunk, everything outside of it does not exist. If the hole the mobs drop in is not in the center and flowing against the wall like into a corner for example, the mobs are technically falling outside the border causing them to de-spawn because the chunk loader doesn't see the wall. Here is a example of what I recommend building your grinder with the water flow going towards the middle HERE. You also may use /chunky to see the correct chunk borders as well.

    If after you fix your grinder & this still occurs, let us know.

    - Kye

    Edit: I went to your plot & viewed your grinder, It looks fine to me. I may suggest possibly making less pillars like 4 for example with them further away from the walls/chunk border in case they may be falling outside of it if you are still receiving less drops than usual.
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