/chatreportwarn, /warnreport, etc- a must!

Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by Melons__, Feb 13, 2020.

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    Dec 26, 2019
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    In some cases you believe someone deserves a warning but there's no staff online. You don't think they need a mute, so do you CR them and they get muted anyway or do you ignore it? In addition, certain unofficial groups (Mentees) need a certain amount of CR's each month.

    I have 2 solutions!

    #1: /chatreportwarn [IGN] [Reason] To count as accepted chatreports or for cases in which you believe the player deserves a warning but not a mute in order to make the system more fair.

    #2: Remove the rule in which players do not need a warning after a chatreport. It's not a very good rule as it means that rule-breakers who have players angry at them or are in a fight get muted while rule-breakers who aren't angry at anyone get off, and it's an annoying double standard.
  2. puposaurus

    Jul 22, 2019
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    heyo! i personally dont see a need for this. it's one mroe thing for staff to check/sweat for sotm / another thing for staff to look out for. I have reported many rookies, and most times its intentional, so i feel no sympathy to make some sperate warn.

    for your "solutions"
    1. his wouldn't work out well, is that not everyone knows the rules and which offences require a warn and which dont, so there could end up being many cases/rpeorts that dont fit the "right" "criteriaI" for all it. for example, a person could be bot spamming and someone crWarns them.. just wouldn't work right. it says in the rules as a warning, in a way, "Please note that Severity 1 Chat Offense do not require a warning if the offence is reported through a chatreport or a report ticket on the forums."
    i dont find the current system "unfair". i think its fair as it is.

    2. there is not a rule where players "need a warning after a chatreport" most times a player gets a warning after a cr b/c a staff warned them already and they just accepted the cr, if that's what you mean. your wording doesnt make any sense to me, if u could better explain.


    as you are a mentee, im sure you do know which sev1 require warning and which dont- but, as i already mentioned, that' not the case.

    overall, this wouldnt really be needed or used and would be unnecessary in a way.
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  3. ItsGuih

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    What’s up
    No. A command like that would not be effective at all. Chatreports can be left open for 10 hours and warning someone for something that happened 10 hours before does not make any sense at all for me. This would be one more thing for us to deal with. More pings to get. More angery people ranting about an open warn report. This command also sounds long. Each 60 seconds a minute passes in Africa and typing out this command takes 60 seconds. Boom Africa lost a minute.

    Overall I’m a -1 and I don’t see why this should be added tbf. Have a nice one
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  4. AnimatedFox

    Jul 22, 2019
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    1. "/chatreportwarn [user] [reason]" is pointless; we already have /punish for majority of punishments.
    2. If you've already been warned for the offense and you're chatreported and muted, you can easily appeal this and have it removed. As mentioned, you do not need warnings for severity 1 offenses from chatreports. Staff do not (hopefully) mute players that have already been warned for the repeated offense (say you're warned in-game for spam, then chatreported for what you did and got muted; it's not mutable as you already received a punishment for it).

    I know where you mean with this but at this point, it doesn't seem useful and would make it a bit longer for chatreports to be dealt with and annoying for staff members to continuously check the players punishments. If you break server rules continuously, then you deserve your punishment(s).
  5. kuieren

    Sep 26, 2019
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    1-I don't see how this would be effective in any way, chat reports last about 10 so it wouldn't make much sense to warn someone so long after a minor offence or when they're probably not even on. Adding this would only increase the workload of staff members and generate even more hate towards them(people complaining about unjustified mutes or reports taking a long time to be answered) which is one of the reasons /report wasn't and most likely will never be added.
    2-I don't really understand what you mean by this. Do you want to get warned from cr's before actually getting muted? If so that'd just have the same problems as the previous point +people that want someone to be muted by CRing them would be disencouraged since that'd only give the player a warning instead of actually punishing the offender.

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