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Bring back kitpvp

Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by Seb, Dec 6, 2022.

  1. Seb


    Jul 2, 2020
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  2. Nikki_

    Jul 23, 2019
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    Hi There,

    I've made this reply to multiple threads now and unfortunately my response hasn't changed within the time Kit's been gone for. Unfortunately Kit PvP (like many other subservers) was extremely inactive and got to the point where even resets with new content couldn't fix the low player count. Given that it was a lengthy process making content for a new season, resetting the subserver and then bug fixes that came with it, it didn't seem to be worth it if nothing fixed the lack of interest in the game mode.

    By removing the inactive subservers it allows the Owers and Admins to focus on other games that have a more active player base, which at the time were Survival, Prison and Skyblock. This means that new content for the active games are the priority and can get more attention as they get more interaction on the server.

    Until things pick up and the server has a wider interest in Kit PVP or similar game modes, I can't see it being brought back any time soon as that would make it's removal to focus more on other game modes useless.

  3. yungelai

    Sep 11, 2019
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    Hi Nikki, while I totally agree with your summary about why Kitpvp was removed, would it really hurt to try re-launching kitpvp, just for 1 week, and then maybe see what type of feedback that gives? Because I've spoken to multiple players that used to play Kit, and we are all like-minded in that we would love to play Kitpvp again. I know this isn't your call... but will you please consider it? I think you'll be in for a pleasant surprise :)

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