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Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by mcrcus, Nov 24, 2022.

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    Ngl this is kinda sad at this point. I might come off brutally honest in this thread but I really don't care at this point and if you get mad that's not my problem. But if you haven't found out already mcc needs players badly. And if yall don't do anything about the marketing on this server it'll go even more downhill than it already is. I made a suggestion on this in #suggestions in the server and apparently no one on the staff team knows how to make TikToks that are visually appealing to viewers that scroll on the fyp and how there is no time for it. That last statement I know is cap, yall just don't wanna admit that. It really doesn't take that long to create a 1 minute video of you messing with a player. All you do is record, add text, and post it on tiktok. I could probably make 10 vids in a span of 1 hour. Obviously can't do that because I'm not longer staff, but you get the point. I know ppl who straight up edit on their phone and can create anything. It really shouldn't be that hard. Mcc has everything going for as a server. Great plugins, great subservers, literally anything you could ask for on a minecraft server. Only problem is yall have no players for it. Yall were set up for greatness and have no players for it. Everyone's growing up and getting a life. So you guys need to rely on tiktok kids now. You know those tiktok kids will be thirsty for attention and will want to play on your server in the hopes of being in a video. So branch out on tiktok. Should be easy and editing does not take that long.
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  2. nocturnaluv

    Nov 15, 2020
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  3. Pillaa

    Aug 3, 2019
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    I definitely agree that the server could use more players, given that when I am on any given sub-server, there are no more than 150 players, when a few years ago there were two prison and sky block servers because one was almost 99% of the time full.
    While I think TikTok is a great suggestion to recruit new players, I simply think that as a whole Minecraft has just lost its hype. Most of the players on the server I find to be 15-20, with even some older than that, with few kids actually being present on the server.
    I think that while marketing could be done better with attempts to recruit more players, I simply don't think that the server has the ability to go back to what most of us remember MCCentral as 3-6 years ago, due in part to the game simply not being as popular.

    Based on my personal experience within the MCCentral community, I could recommend that more attention is given to those who have suggested great ideas to make the server more enjoyable. An example I could give would be the well-known suggestion of bringing survival games back. There are at least 75-100 people that would really enjoy survival games, aside from having the same regular five options to pick from. We could limit the number of players normally needed (24) down to a more realistic number in relation to the number of players on this server (12). Other examples I could give would include what mcrcus stated above, which would be to pay more attention to the #suggestions on the discord. I have seen countless suggestions approved, but little to none actually acted upon. While I understand everyone has an occupation as well as a life outside of MCCentral, I think with just a little time given each week to listen to the players and acting upon their suggestions, this server could have a great chance of expanding its player base.
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  4. micunmuted

    Oct 21, 2020
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    what type of "marketing" is it? it can't be like those weird marketing videos where they "trap an egirl for xraying" or smth like that

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