Banned for accidental griefing (Ray01)

Discussion in 'Support Forums' started by Embiie, Feb 7, 2024.

  1. Embiie

    Feb 7, 2024
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    IGN: YoutubeEmbiie
    So I am a returning player to minecraft, (use to play alot back in the day), and on MC-Central I usually play skyblock, however when it reboots I got to other games, like survival, where I may have killed a players farm animals as a joke, thinking it was fine. I thought survival was similiar to the free for all type game like factions. I was unaware this was a bannable offence and I just want to apologise for ruining that guys farm as well as the experience of other players potentially. I won't do this again and even if possible, can help restore the guys farm by manually getting all the animals back myself.

    I apologise for the mistakes I have made.

    Kind Regards, YoutubeEmbiie
  2. McGillyy

    Mar 28, 2023
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