29th February 2024 - Skyblock 21.0 Changelog

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    The time has come once again for our Skyblock server to start a brand new chapter. This season is focussed on adding as much new content as possible to keep the game feeling modern and fresh! This changelog will detail all changes big and small for our upcoming reset which will be dropping this upcoming Friday 1st March 3pm MST.

    Upcoming Changes
    - Brand new island based boss battles (Conquest Battles) have been added, giving out unique rewards
    - New island upgrade has been added, allowing players to participate in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Conquest Battles
    - Farming Baskets have been added, increasing your inventory size whilst farming crops (obtained via the Conquest Battles)
    - New type of hopper (Experience Hopper) has been added to the coinshop
    - Reaction Chat Games have been added which will take place roughly every 30 minutes
    - Players will now be able to recycle unwanted custom enchantments and receive tokens in return
    - 'Item frames' and 'glow item frames' have been added to the /shop
    - Fixed a bug where buckets would dissapear if you were placing water or lava with a full inventory
    - Sell Wands are no longer obtainable from Ancient / Mythical / Seasonal keys
    - Sell Wands can now be purchased from the Coinshop (Wands are no longer as valuable since the addition of Autosell Chests)
    - Custom Enchantment books have been added to Seasonal keys as a Rare reward replacing the removed Sell Wands
    - New Introduction Task (/help) has been added related to the newly added Conquest Battles

    Conquest Battles:
    Conquest Battles are brand-new island-based boss battles in which players can participate to receive unique rewards such as Farming Baskets, Basket Upgrade Tokens, and Mob Coins. Islands must first unlock Conquest Battles by purchasing the island upgrade (/is upgrade). Island Upgrades allow islands to unlock three different tiers (difficulties) of boss fights to participate in (higher-tier battles will have better rewards).

    Once unlocked, Conquest Battles can be initiated by any of the island members using the command '/conquest'. All island members will automatically be invited, but only four players are permitted to participate in the fight at once. After successfully completing the required tasks and defeating the boss, all surviving players will be rewarded!

    Farming Baskets:
    Farming Baskets are a brand-new item designed to increase a player's inventory size when farming any type of crop on the server. Farming Baskets can only be obtained through the newly added Conquest Battles. Alongside these baskets come 'Farming Basket Tokens', which are also obtained through Conquest Battles. These tokens are used to purchase upgrades for your basket, increasing its total capacity.

    Experience Hoppers:
    Experience Hoppers are a brand-new type of hopper available for purchase via the Coinshop for 25 Mob Coins. These hoppers serve a unique purpose, working by collecting and bottling all the experience dropped by mobs in their chunk. By utilizing these new hoppers alongside Mob Drop Hoppers, players can create dropless grinders with 100% efficiency!

    Reaction Chat Games:
    Reaction Chat Games are small chat-based events that occur approximately every 30 minutes. Players will receive a simple task, such as a math equation or a scrambled word, and will compete against the rest of the server to type out the solution as quickly as possible! The winner will receive a small reward and the privilege of knowing they are the quickest-witted player online!

    Miscellaneous Changes
    As always with new seasons, it is our primary focus to ensure we deliver enough content, quality of life changes and bug fixes to satisfy our community! Players can expect to see brand new builds alongside a smoother gameplay experience with a handful of our backend plugins being updated with performance improvements. We look forward to seeing everyone this Friday. As always, enjoy!

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