26th October 2020

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    26th October 2020
    - Confirmation GUI has been removed from the Head Shop on Creative
    - Players are now able to use the "/skull <player>" command to obtain other player heads on Creative
    - Players are no longer able to drop items at spawn on Creative
    - Staff will now have access to /offlineinvsee and /offlineec on Creative (plugin was non-existant before)
    - Fixed an exploit on Creative in regards to water and lava which was resulting in the server crashing
    - Performance optimisations have been made to Armor Stands on Creative and Survival
    - "/f check" command has been removed from Factions (It is outdated and no longer used by anyone)
    - '/brush surface' command has been added under to Creative (for those with World Edit access)
    - Fixed a bug on Factions where the '/togglesb' command would make the health under nameplates say 0
    - Ender Crystals will now count towards the plot entity limit on Creative
    - Fixed a bug on Creative where players were able to get armor stands onto the plot paths
    - Fixed a bug on Factions where players could use the /repair command whilst inside the Obscure Zone
    - Fixed a bug on Factions where players could use bonemeal inside protected regions
    - String has now been added to the shop on Factions (miscellaneous category)
    - Players are no longer able to shoot bows whilst standing inside the Obscure Zone spawn on Factions
    - Fixed an issue on Factions where the outpost scoreboard was completely broken

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