22nd May 2024 - Skyblock 22.0 Changelog

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    The time has come once again for our Skyblock server to start a brand new chapter. This season is focussed on adding as much new content as possible to keep the game feeling modern and fresh! This changelog will detail all changes big and small for our upcoming reset which will be dropping this upcoming Friday 24th May 3pm MST.

    Upcoming Changes
    - Players are now able to stack spawners by placing them next to each other on their island
    - Lava Fishing has been hugely revamped, catching cooked fish will now allow players to unlock emerald generators
    - Emerald generators have been added to the nether island which can be upgraded with cooked cod / salmon
    - New custom enchantment for swords has been added (Loot Sell) which will automatically sell mob loot
    - Speed Duster II custom enchantment has been added (which can be applied to brushes)
    - Harvest hoes can now also be used on melons and pumpkins, allowing for more possibilities with public farms
    - Tutorial has been added to assist new players around the server
    - Over 30 new mobs have been added to mob statues, allowing for much more decorative options
    - Baskets are now compatible with the digsite, allowing for players to store artifacts inside farming baskets
    - Confirmation GUI has been added when dropping harvest hoes (to prevent players dropping them accidentally)
    - Backend logs have been added keeping track of players deaths (in the event that players randomly die and don't understand why)
    - Firework effect has been added upon redeeming a perk paper
    - If players redeem voting villager rewards with a full inventory, the drops will now drop on the ground
    - Removed text from the conquest GUI which informed players that the gamemode was still in beta
    - Fixed a bug where some chunks would break and mobs would not drop any drops inside them
    - Fixed a bug where Spleef would sometimes glitch out if there was 1 players and would be impossible to win
    - Nether information NPC on players nether island has had its GUI updated with new information
    - Skill amplifiers will now hide all of their attributes (unnecessary text underneath the lore)
    - Fixed a bug where players could place items inside the headshop GUI, resulting in them losing their items
    - Fixed a bug where skull textures would flicker inside some of our GUIs
    - Fixed a bug where the robot animation on the nether islands would display a dark oak button
    - New introduction task has been added 'Play a conquest arena'
    - Upon obtaining treasure whilst farming / lava fishing, players will now get more relevant spawners to their unlocked tier
    - All of our backend plugins have been updated to their latest builds

    Stacked Spawners:
    Gone are the days of building towering spawner structures hundreds of blocks high. This upcoming season, we're introducing a new feature that allows players to stack spawners directly on their islands. This innovation enables more compact and efficient designs without compromising performance. Now, spawners of the same type placed on adjacent blocks will automatically stack with each other!

    Skyblock Tutorial:
    Understanding the fundamental concepts and features of a server can be a daunting experience, something we aim to alleviate with this new tutorial! Upon joining the server for the first time, all players will be greeted by a little helper to show them around the server. This helper will show players the fundamental features of the server with a brief description on how each plugin works. Of course, players that already know what they're doing can choose to skip this tutorial!

    Emerald Generators:
    Emerald generators are a brand-new feature being added to all Nether islands, located on the Lava Fishing pier. These two generators provide an additional method for obtaining emerald blocks, which will be deposited directly into your emerald vaults. These generators are automatically unlocked and upgraded through lava fishing on your Nether island, with successful catches of either cooked cod or cooked salmon. Don't forget to keep your power generator fueled to ensure these emerald generators run at their maximum potential!

    New Mob Statues:
    This upcoming season, our Mob Statues plugin is receiving a major update, featuring the latest and greatest mobs. This update opens up a wealth of new decorative possibilities for your island! Players will be able to choose from over 30 new mobs to use as statues starting next season.

    Digsite Improvements:
    The Artifact Digsite is getting several quality of life improvements this upcoming season. Farming Baskets obtained from conquest arenas are now fully compatible with the digsite, enabling players to grind artifacts effortlessly without cluttering their inventory. Additionally, players can now enchant their excavation brushes with Speed Duster II, allowing for even faster artifact extraction!

    Miscellaneous Changes
    As always with new seasons, it is our primary focus to ensure we deliver enough content, quality of life changes and bug fixes to satisfy our community! Players can expect to see brand new builds alongside a smoother gameplay experience with a handful of our backend plugins being updated with performance improvements. We look forward to seeing everyone this Friday. As always, enjoy!

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