21st September 2022 - Lifesteal 1.0 Changelog

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    It's been many years since Minecraft Central has launched a brand new server! This weekend we are proud to release our very own Lifesteal server, bringing some epic new content for our community to enjoy. This post will detail all features big and small for our upcoming Lifesteal season which will be dropping this upcoming Friday 23rd September 3pm MST.

    Lifesteal Features
    - 48 Hour Deathbans upon losing all your hearts
    - Maximum of 50 hearts
    - 20k x 20k Overworld / Nether / End
    - 750 x 750 Warzone surrounding spawn
    - PvP Outpost (/warp outpost)
    - King of The Hill event
    - Clans system to team up with other players
    - 1.19.2 backend and combat (Latest Minecraft Version)
    - /Bounties (set a bounty on a players head to make them a target)
    - Coinflip (gamble your money in hopes of winning big)
    - Auction House (Simple way to sell your items to other players)
    - Ability to withdraw hearts using /withdrawhearts <amount> (can not withdraw your starting hearts)
    - Ability to pickup and move spawners using Spawner Wrenches
    - /Shop which players can purchase a few essential items from
    - 1 Available kit from Mythical keys (/kit hearts) which contains 3 heart containers
    - Many more minor features which our community should be familiar with from other sub-servers!

    What Is Lifesteal?
    Lifesteal is a brand new PvP experience based on the latest Minecraft version (1.19). Situated in a no-claiming Survival world, players must create a base, team up with a clan and fight for their survival! Kill another player and you will steal their hearts. Be careful though! If you lose all of your hearts, you will be death-banned for 48 hours. Players are able to withdraw their hearts into a physical item for trading by using the command /withdrawhearts <amount> (It is important to note that you can not withdraw your starting 10 hearts).

    Death bans only apply to the Lifesteal server. This is not a ban from Minecraft Central! Nor is this a punishment that will go on your history / record. Whilst you are death banned, you will be unable to join the Lifesteal server until it has expired.

    Latest Version (1.19)
    As Lifesteal is a Survival based gamemode, keeping up to date with the latest Minecraft version seemed obvious. Players will be able to enjoy all features which Minecraft has to offer, alongside getting to experience our first official 1.19 PvP server. As our Lifesteal server matures, players can expect to see the backend updated along with the new Minecraft releases.

    Of course, teaming up with your friends is vital when it comes to PvP. By utilising our clans plugin, players will be able to create, join and manage their own clan of up to 10 players. Clans are a necessity if you are wanting to compete for the PvP outpost. Clans are eligible to ally with up to 1 other clan.

    King Of The Hill:
    Of course, the classic PvP event. Everyone is familiar with King of The Hill! This event will take place 3 times per day, rewarding the winner with an event key (containing epic rewards). King of The Hill is located in the Lifesteal Warzone (situated just outside of spawn), and the goal is to be the first person to stand in the hill for 5 consecutive minutes. Good luck!

    Spawner Wrenches:
    Spawner Wrenches are a unique item available for purchase from the ingame /shop. Naturally in Minecraft, upon finding a spawner in the Wilderness, players are unable to pick them up. By purchasing a Spawner Wrench, players will be able to pickup these naturally generated spawners, allowing for them to place them inside their base to create a grinder wherever they desire! Spawner Wrenches have a limited amount of uses, so ensure you break and place your spawners wisely.

    PvP Outpost:
    The PvP outpost is a clan based PvP event which runs 24/7. The goal is simple; gather all of your clan members and conquer the hill, fighting off anyone who stands in your way! The clan whom is currently controlling the outpost will receive epic buffs and rewards such as a shop sell multiplier, increased experience and a $5,000 pay cheque every 3 minutes!

    Available Worlds:
    Lifesteal consists of 3 main worlds. The Overworld (20k x 20k), The Nether (20k x 20) and The End (20k x 20k). Located in the center of the Overworld is the server spawn, surrounded by a 750 x 750 PvP only Warzone. Outside of the Warzone is a no-claiming Wilderness which players can create their bases and raid others. Access to the Nether and End dimensions is done via the vanilla methods (Nether and End portals).

    Miscellaneous Changes
    As always with our releases, it is our primary focus to ensure we deliver enough content, quality of life changes and bug fixes to satisfy our community! Lifesteal is a brand new server, with a bright future ahead. Much more content will be on it's way in the near future! We look forward to seeing everyone this Friday. As always, enjoy!

    - Lifesteal 1.0 Trailer -
    A huge thank you to 89p for putting together this epic trailer for the upcoming launch. Minecraft Central Presents: Lifesteal Season 1

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