1st November 2022 - Skyblock 16.0 Changelog

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    The time has come once again for our Skyblock server to start a brand new chapter. This season is focussed on adding as much new content as possible to keep the game feeling modern and fresh! Players can expect to see epic new features this upcoming season such as Mob Armor, Mob Coins & Coin Shop, Tiered Spawners, Lottery Event, Cactus Economy and much more! This changelog will detail all changes big and small for our upcoming Skyblock Reset which will be dropping this upcoming Friday 4th November 3pm MST.

    Upcoming Changes
    - Players are now able to pledge money towards boosters (same as Prison)
    - Mob Armor has now been implemented (crafted using mob skulls from the decapitation enchantment)
    - Dragons will now have a bigger hitbox to prevent some weird glitches that players encountered in the past
    - Fixed a bug where players would sometimes have no phantoms inside their nether generator
    - Spawner economy has now been massivelty overhauled, and there is now 7 different tiers of spawners to unlock
    - Fixed a bug where holograms would sometimes get stuck on your island after removing a mob statue
    - Fixed a bug where Chickens would not give players any experience towards their Slayer skill
    - Daily lottery has now been implemented (/lottery) giving players a chance to win big
    - Fixed a bug where sometimes the NPCs in the nether island would appear laying down
    - Trophies have now been implemented which will be handed out to the owners of the top 3 islands from the previous season
    - All mobs can now be 1 hit killed (with Strength 2 and a Sharpness 4 sword)
    - Crate rewards rarities have been tweaked to prevent giving the players the same rewards over and over again
    - Fishing challenges have been massively debufffed to prevent exploitation of them
    - Crate rewards will now give players Snow Golem spawners (which can only be obtained by opening keys)
    - Mob Coin shop has now been implemented (Mob coins are obtained by wearing Mob Armor)
    - Cactus economy is now making a return, the price of cactus has been buffed
    - Brand new Crop Hoppers have been added (picks up all of the cactus which drops in the same chunk)
    - Fixed a bug where Mob Statues would not stack with each other inside a players inventory
    - Mob Statues and Emerald Wands have been moved from the /shop to the newly added Mob Coin Shop
    - Nether Generator can now be levelled up twice as fast (players must be wearing a full set of Mob Armor)
    - Players are no longer able to firework boost with elytras inside the PvP arena
    - Fixed a bug where changing your island biome would not change the layers above Y256 or below Y0
    - Staff members will now be notified upon entering a locked island (previously they were not aware)
    - Brand new custom enchantment 'Slow Falling' has been added (which can be applied to boots)
    - Players must now redeem their challenges rewards manually (rather than automatically receiving the rewards)

    Mob Armor:
    This upcoming Skyblock season will be introducing 7 brand new and unique sets of armor known as 'Mob Armor'. These rare new armor sets are crafted using the skulls of mobs (which can be obtained with the decapitation custom enchantment). Whilst wearing a full set of Mob Armor, players will be granted access to epic buffs whilst grinding their Nether Generator, alongside the ability to obtain our brand new currency 'Mob Coins' which can be spent at the newly added 'Mob Coin Shop'.

    Mob Coin Shop:
    Mob Coins are a newly added currency. The only way to obtain Mob Coins is by killing mobs whilst wearing a full set of Mob Armor. Mob Coins can be used to purchase custom cosmetics such as Projectile Trails and death cries, along with custom utility items such as Crop Hoppers, Emerald Wands and Mob Statues. As our Skyblock server matures, the Mob Coin shop will become the home to other upcoming unique items! Players are able to check how many Mob Coins they have by looking at the scoreboard at the side of their screen.

    Tiered Spawners:
    This upcoming Skyblock season, players can expect to see a massive overhaul to our Spawner economy. Spawners are now ranked into 7 different tiers, 6 of which must be unlocked before gaining access to them (upon starting your Skyblock adventure, islands will only be able to purchase Tier 1 spawners). To gain access to the next tier of spawners, islands must obtain a certain amount of Tier 1 mob kills on their island. The higher tier spawners are more profitable than the lower tier spawners, so progressing through them is a necessity to ensure the success of your island!

    Cactus Farms & Crop Hoppers:
    It has been many years since cactus farms had a purpose on MCCentral's Skyblock. Moving forwards, we are keen to integrate cactus back into the economy alongside spawners! Firstly, this upcoming season, the sell price of cactus has been buffed by 40%. Along with this change, players can expect to find a brand new item which can be purchased from the Mob Coin shop: Crop Hoppers! Crop Hoppers are a unique type of hopper designed solely for cactus farms. Crop hoppers will automatically pick up all cactus in the chunk instantly, resulting in a lag free cactus farm environment on the server!

    Victory Trophies:
    As a way to congratulate the winners of the previous season, trophies are now making their way into the economy! 3 Trophies will be handed out to the top 3 islands from Season 15. The owners of these 3 islands will be able to redeem their trophy by using the command /trophy. Trophies can be placed on your island as a flex, or sold for a high price! Remember, only 3 trophies will exist throughout the entire season, so look after it like it's your baby! To ensure their exclusivity, trophies will not be replaced in the event that they are lost.

    The lottery is a brand new world which is making its way to our Skyblock server. All players are able to purchase lottery tickets, and each day the lottery will be drawn. The winner of this lottery will have the potential to win a boat load of cash to assist them on their Skyblock journey! Whilst it may not be as eventful as winning the lottery in real life, this is the next closest thing! Players are limited to purchasing 128 tickets per day (to ensure everyone has a fair chance at winning). The lottery can be accessed with the command /lottery.

    Pledge Towards Boosters:
    Having made its way onto our latest Prison reset, this feature is now coming to Skyblock! Players are finally able to pledge money towards boosters. Upon opening the boosters GUI, players will now see an option to Pledge money. The next person to activate a booster will receive all of the money that is currently pledged towards that booster. Pledging boosters is the perfect way to encourage players to activate a booster!

    Miscellaneous Changes
    As always with new seasons, it is our primary focus to ensure we deliver enough content, quality of life changes and bug fixes to satisfy our community! Players can expect to see brand new builds alongside a smoother gameplay experience with a handful of our backend plugins being updated with performance improvements. We look forward to seeing everyone this Friday. As always, enjoy!

    - Skyblock 16.0 Trailer -
    A huge thank you to 89p for putting together this epic trailer for the upcoming reset. Minecraft Central Presents: Skyblock Season 16


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