19th March 2024 - Prison XIX Changelog

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    The time has come once again for our Prison server to start a brand new chapter. This season is focussed on adding as much new content as possible to keep the game feeling modern and fresh! This changelog will detail all changes big and small for our upcoming reset which will be dropping this upcoming Friday 22nd March 3pm MST.

    Upcoming Changes
    - Combat Level Revamped (Rewards granted to players with higher combat level)
    - Abyss Mine Community Spinwheel (will automatically spin once the mining milestone is reached)
    - Private Mine Moles will now randomly appear whilst mining
    - Dungeons Update (Addition of a Wonder Weapon and missions to unlock it)
    - Private Mine excavator has been buffed (will now grant players with twice as much money)
    - Essence cost to purchase Raw Excavator Parts has been reduced to 750 essence
    - Confirmation GUI will now appear when players attempt to drop their Upgradeable Pickaxe
    - Upon typing '/citadel' it will now inform players of the gang which is currently controlling the Citadel
    - Enhanced PvP booster will now grant players with double contraband
    - Fixed a bug where feeding your livestock whilst having upgrades would sometimes not give you $100,000
    - Upon sending a fully levelled up cellmate on an expedition will grant the owner with a load of money

    Combat Levels Revamped:
    This upcoming reset we've overhauled our Combat Levels system to offer an enriched progression experience for our PvP players. As you advance through the combat ranks, you'll unlock a series of buffs tailored to enhance your gameplay. Higher-level players will enjoy rewards, including increased earnings per kill, increased experience per kill and significant discounts when purchasing runestone ability upgrades. With this revamped system, the higher your combat level, the greater the benefits you'll reap!

    Abyss Wheel of Fortune:
    Dive into the Abyss Mine and discover the excitement of our new Wheel of Fortune! As the community collectively mines 1 million blocks, the wheel spins, granting one of five powerful buffs for 24 hours. From discounts at the Essence shop to boosted essence yields, each spin brings fresh rewards. Get ready to work collectively with the community, test your luck, and reap the benefits from the Abyss Wheel of Fortune!

    Mining Moles:
    Mining Moles will randomly appear in your Private Mine, aiming to deter AFK players while generously rewarding active ones. While the Mole is present, players will endure certain debuffs. However, exterminating it brings substantial benefits: enjoy 5 minutes of double drops within your Private Mine! Be vigilant and swiftly eliminate this pesky creature to maximize your productivity whilst mining.

    Dungeons Wonder Weapon:
    This upcoming dungeons update includes the introduction of a brand-new Wonder Weapon, accessible through a thrilling quest. To obtain this weapon, players must gather three distinct weapon pieces, each acquired through a dedicated mission. It's a collaborative effort as players work together to collect all three pieces and construct this potent weapon, promising to elevate the dungeon experience to new heights of excitement!

    Miscellaneous Changes
    As always with new seasons, it is our primary focus to ensure we deliver enough content, quality of life changes and bug fixes to satisfy our community! Players can expect to see brand new builds alongside a smoother gameplay experience with a handful of our backend plugins being updated with performance improvements. We look forward to seeing everyone this Friday. As always, enjoy!


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