12th September 2023 - Prison 17.0 Changelog

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    The time has come once again for our Prison server to start a brand new chapter. This season is focussed on adding as much new content as possible to keep the game feeling modern and fresh! Players can expect to see some massive new features this upcoming season such as introduction challenges, mining overhaul (brand new Abyss mine granting access to custom items including Backpacks), improved PvP hit detection and much more! This changelog will detail all changes big and small for our upcoming reset which will be dropping this upcoming Friday 15th September 3pm MST.

    Upcoming Changes
    - All players will now instantly have access to a Private Mine (prestige 1 is no longer required)
    - Public mines A->Z have been replaced with the brand new public Abyss mine (accessible with /warp Abyss)
    - New currency added 'Essence' which can be obtained by using the public Abyss mine
    - Backpacks can now be obtained by all players through the newly added Abyss mine using Essence
    - New custom item 'Mob Drop Hoppers' obtained through the newly added Abyss mine using Essence
    - Silverfish Spawners can now be obtained through the newly added Abyss mine using Essence
    - Autosell Chests can now be obtained through the newly added Abyss mine using Essence
    - Mining Chests can now be obtained through the newly added Abyss mine using Essence
    - Mob Statues can now be obtained through the newly added Abyss mine using Essence
    - New leaderboard hologram has been added to the Abyss mine displaying who has mined the most essence
    - /help has been massively overhauled with a brand new Introduction Tasks plugin to help players learn all the features of Prison
    - Barn challenge for PvP kills (Sheep) has been changed to a new challenge (mine blocks inside the Abyss mine)
    - Immortal perk which grants upgrade discounts now also applies to barn upgrades (using produce)
    - Fixed a bug where players could sometimes rankup, then relog and have their rank rollback
    - Fixed a bug where players could rod smugglers across the map, taking them away from their spawn region
    - Players are now able to bookmark '/pmine warps' to better keep track of their favourite warps
    - Spawner economy has been changed, changing the meta once again
    - Essence has now been added as a brand new crate reward for Ancient, Mythical and Seasonal keys
    - Players are now able to spectate ongoing dungeons through the /dungeons command
    - /tp command has been added to dungeons (which can be used by spectators only)
    - Upon doing your first ever rankup, players will receive a custom message informing them how to change their mine blocks
    - Bedrock Edition will no longer instantly open the Upgradeable Pickaxe GUI when attempting to mine
    - Improved hit detection for PvP players (Hits should no longer get cancelled)
    - New tools which staff will now have access to giving much more accurate data on players using hacked clients
    - All important items (Chunk Loaders, Holoskulls, Telport Pads, etc..) will now go straight to your inventory
    - /tps command overhaul (which has been implemented into our latest resets)
    - Cleaned up all of the GUIs to remove unnecessary lines of lore on 1.20 clients
    - Wheel of Fortune will now better display when you are next able to spin it
    - Players are no longer sent to spawn upon prestiging
    - Upon changing your private mine blocks, you will now see information regarding the block composition for each rank
    - /mine and /mines have now been added as new commands (alias of /pmine) making it more intuitive for new players
    - Fixed a bug where players were unable to preview 'Kit Money' inside the /kits GUI
    - Mob Statue items inside your inventory will now stack with each other
    - Netherrack and Quartz have been removed from the shop (as they are now only obtainable through the new Abyss mine)
    - Brand new Spawn and Wilderness builds
    - Fixed a bug where Mob Armor was not displaying armor attributes in the lore on the latest versions
    - Pickaxe Experience has been added as a new reward to Ancient and Mythical keys
    - Custom Enchants received from keys will now allow players choose the enchantment of their choice
    - Amount of Custom Enchantments received from keys has been reduced for balancing purposes (due to the above change)

    Abyss Mine:
    The Abyss mine is a brand new public mine (accessed with /warp Abyss) with a unique and special purpose. The Abyss mine consists of Netherrack and Nether Quartz which all players will be able to mine and exchange in return for Essence. Essence is a brand new currency which is used to purchase unique and powerful items from the Essence shop to assist you on your Prison adventure.

    The Essence shop can be accessed using the command /Essence. This shop grants players access to all of the major custom items on our Prison server including: Mining Backpacks, Mining Chests, Autosell Chests, Mob Statues, Silverfish Spawners and the all new Mob Drop Hoppers (these hoppers will automatically pick up all mob drops in the chunk allowing for more flexible collection systems).

    Private Mine Accessibility:
    This upcoming season, Private Mines are being made accessible to everyone! Since their original inception, Private Mines have become the heart and soul of Prison, locking many players away from the content until they manage to prestige. No longer will players be required to prestige to unlock the mining portion of their Private Mine, all players will instantly be able to start mining from the second they join Prison. Alongside this change, players will now be able to see the block composition for each rank when changing their Private Mine blocks.

    Introduction Tasks:
    After 17 seasons of Prison, learning the core concepts and features can be a very daunting experience, something we are trying to combat with Introduction Tasks! These tasks involve a set of challenges for all players to complete teaching them the main mechanics of Prison and everything we have to offer. After successfully completing a challenge, players will be eligible to claim a reward. Introduction Tasks can be viewed by simply using the command /help. If you see a confused Rookie asking questions, no longer will you need to hold their hand and explain, simply inform them about /help!

    Bookmark Warps:
    This upcoming season, players will be given the ability to bookmark their favourite warps. No longer will you need to write down or memorize the names of warps, simply find your favourite warp inside the '/pmine warps' GUI, and right click it! Players are able to bookmark as many warps as they desire.

    Spectating Dungeons:
    Dungeons have become a vital aspect of our Prison server. This upcoming season, all players will be given access to spectate ongoing dungeons, a feature that was previously only accessible to staff members! Alongside this change we have also implemented a quality of life command for spectators in dungeons (/tp) allowing you to teleport to currently alive players with ease.

    Miscellaneous Changes
    As always with new seasons, it is our primary focus to ensure we deliver enough content, quality of life changes and bug fixes to satisfy our community! Players can expect to see brand new builds alongside a smoother gameplay experience with a handful of our backend plugins being updated with performance improvements. We look forward to seeing everyone this Friday. As always, enjoy!


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