10th April 2024 - Gens Tycoon 3.0 Changelog

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    The time has come once again for our Gens Tycoon server to start a brand new chapter. This season is focussed on adding as much new content as possible to keep the game feeling modern and fresh! This changelog will detail all changes big and small for our upcoming reset which will be dropping this upcoming Friday 12th April 3pm MST.

    Upcoming Changes
    - Players now increase their level by harvesting crops (this is now known as your Farming level)
    - By increasing your Farming Level, players will in return increase their generator limit
    - Generator limit has been increased drastically (each farming level will increase your generator limit +1)
    - Upon joining the server for the first time, players will have a 'Farming Hoe' in their inventory (used for farming)
    - Players will now receive crops whilst farming with the newly added Farming Hoe, and be able to sell them for gems
    - Players are able to combine 64 farming crops and condense them to make them to increase their value
    - New perk paper has been added to Mythical Keys (Automatic Condense)
    - New perk paper has been added to Ancient Keys (Increased Auction Limit)
    - New permission has been added to Diamond+ rank (Keep Inventory on Death)
    - New permission has been added to Bedrock+ rank (/repair command)
    - Coinflips have now been implemented
    - Auction House has now been implemented
    - Higher prestiges will now have different colors (rather than being the same color for all prestiges)
    - Upgrading your island Autosell Factory and Bank is now much less grindy (less crops are required)
    - /Kit Gems has been revamped (higher prestiges will now receive more gems from the kit)
    - /pay has now been implemented
    - Tools have now been added to all of the Prestige kits
    - Fixed a bug where Generators would randomly break and become their base block
    - Fixed a bug where players fly would get disabled when swapping between worlds
    - Warps GUI has been updated with all of the new relevant warps (such as the public farms)
    - PvP Arena is now located in its own dedicated world with KOTH and Care Packages
    - /Wild GUI has been updated (players can now directly teleport between the Overworld / Nether and The End)
    - Upon dying, players will now automatically respawn (bypassing the death screen)
    - Players will now receive a message in chat when they enable / disable Autosell on their island
    - Pedestals at spawn will now display who has the most Kills (PvP) and who has harvested the most crops
    - /Stats will now display how many crops a player has harvested
    - New command has been added '/croptop' displaying who has harvested the most crops
    - Fixed a bug where Bamboo did not grow on generator islands
    - Players will now receive a message in chat when their Autosell Factory / Bank levels up
    - Ancient and Mythical Generators have been buffed slightly
    - Players are now able to withdraw gems from their gem bank
    - Gem Bank interest has been remade (players can no longer exploit interest by throwing gems in there at the last minute)
    - Farms located on each generator island have been made slightly bigger to make them less tedious to harvest crops in
    - Gen Beacons have been added as a new crate reward (these items will buff all generators directly surrounding the beacon)

    Farming Levels:
    Introducing farming levels, the latest metric set to revolutionize gameplay in Gens this upcoming season. Harvest crops within our newly introduced public farms to increase your Farming Level. With each successful level up, players will unlock the ability to place an additional generator on their island. For every 25 levels achieved, players will prestige and gain access to an exclusive new kit and a shiny new prefix. By successfully reaching the max level, players will be eligible to place up to 255 generators on their island!

    Community Farms:
    Upon entering the server, players will discover a fresh addition to their inventory: the "Farming Hoe." These essential tools are tailor-made for our exciting new community farms. Newcomers can kick off their farming adventure by harvesting wheat at '/warp wheat,' earning 1 experience per harvest. Upon attaining Prestige 1, the carrot farm at '/warp carrot' unlocks, offering increased experience gains. Upon reaching Prestige 2, players gain access to the potato farm, yielding even greater experience rewards! By actively engaging with these communal farming spaces, players can systematically boost their Farming Level, ultimately expanding their capacity to place more generators on their island!

    Gem Bank Revamped:
    Following extensive feedback received since its introduction last season, the Gem Bank has undergone a complete overhaul. Initially, it operated solely as a deposit-only saving system, limiting players' ability to utilize their daily interest for generator upgrades. However, in this upcoming season, we're excited to unveil a revamped Gem Bank. With a redesigned interest calculation mechanism and the introduction of withdrawal capabilities, players now have the freedom to access their funds whenever they wish!

    Auction House & Coinflips:
    As Gens continues to evolve as a fresh gamemode, it has been clear that not all plugins existed, some of which have long been staples in our other sub-servers. This season, we're thrilled to unveil significant updates to our Auction House and Coinflip plugins, seamlessly integrating them into Gens Tycoon! Now, players can seamlessly sell their items or take thrilling risks with their gems in their climb to the top!

    Miscellaneous Changes
    As always with new seasons, it is our primary focus to ensure we deliver enough content, quality of life changes and bug fixes to satisfy our community! Players can expect to see brand new builds alongside a smoother gameplay experience with a handful of our backend plugins being updated with performance improvements. We look forward to seeing everyone this Friday. As always, enjoy!

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